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Fellowship and a bit of fun

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Hey everyone!

I haven’t posted here in a while. I have been seriously lacking in my day to day updates as I have had a pretty busy year. I would like to transition this blog into something other than those updates. I will slowly be doing that as I move forward in my life.

My grandmother would like more updates along the lines of the old, so I hope that the transformation of this will lend itself to that.

I don’t know what that will look like, and I don’t know what will come down the line. I cannot promise at this time updates ever **so many days** but I think I can promise a short blurb from time to time on activities in my life.

So today, I am reflective of events that transpired this evening.

For the last year and a half I have been attending a weekly youth group of sorts at the local Episcopalian church. I was initially invited there by my friends Chad and Mercedes. I went for a few reasons at first, to get to know Chad and Mercedes a little better, for the free meal that the church offered on Monday nights, and also because I had felt empty on my religious front.

My first number of years here at Eastern I had church hopped, and eventually stopped going on Sunday mornings. I couldn’t find a place that I felt I liked being. So when Chad and Mercedes invited me I thought it might be a chance to get back into the swing of things. I have really enjoyed my Monday night group, even though I must admit it is not the spiritual need that I so desired. It has been a great place to find people who enjoy each other’s company and care about one another. That is really what tonight was all about.

We have slowly been planning tonight for 5 weeks now. This quarter we have, as a small group, been helping out with Feed Cheney, a program that feeds the needy the last Monday of every month. At our first this quarter in January we met some of the Lutheran Campus Ministry as well. Our respective pastors are friends, and we talked about getting our groups together one night soon. So we planned, and left and it sat for a little while. Finally with some pushing and prodding we got together 5 weeks later.

I donned my chefs hat after a weekend of eating nothing but chicken noodle soup (I’ve been sick) and set about making what is my staple dish, in the crock pot at least, BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches.

Needless to say the night was a smash. We had 18 people there in total, a big step up from our usual 6-8 norm. The church was filled with laughter and good times.

I will let you know that I have found other places in my spiritual life to fulfill the desire to be searching God and trying to live for him.

Athletes in Action(AIA) is something that I am very privileged to be a part of this year. Being an athlete has opened doors and friendships for myself that I have really enjoyed this year. This is one of them, a fellowship of Christian athletes meeting on Tuesday evenings, living and working through the I AM SECOND movement, click the link to check it out, I’ll update more at a later date. It’s been a joy.

Through AIA, I have also stemmed myself into a small bible study group, right now three of us meet on Tuesday mornings, and work through one chapter of the bible a week. Ephisians Chapter 5 is on tap for tomorrow!

So that’s all I have for now. It’s a bit jumbled, it’s a bit scattered. It’s a brief update on my life, and where I hope my life continues to head. Fellowship, and developing my relationship with God more.

Until the next time,




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I’m in bed still, typing this up from my laptop.

The fact that it is 5:30 in the morning, that I am also a college student, usually means that I haven’t gone to bed, if I were a normal college student that is. I’m not. 

I have always been the old man of all of my friends, early to bed, early to rise. Time to get those runs in (even though practice in high school was in the afternoon, and I set my own schedule for most of my college career). I have been known to fall asleep wherever I please. If I was comfortable in your house, I would fall asleep wherever I was sitting, the couch, at the table, or sometimes the living room floor. It wasn’t unheard of, and often expected. Maybe it was because I was always exerting myself in running, maybe I just needed more sleep than other people. 

That didn’t change much when I got to college, my first roommate can attest to that. I chose those 8 am classes. I sought them out. I knew that I would be up and ready to face the days. Early on you could find me in the PUB (Eastern Washington Universities student union building) enjoying a donut (or two), reading the comics (and rest of the newspaper) and enjoying my morning before class. I made friends with the ladies who cashiered the dining hall and even had a friend join me for a time in my mornings. 

I was this way up until the last year or so. Last winter I took a class that was easily one of the toughest I have taken here at school. I was constantly in study sessions, I was constantly working to do better, to be better. We had a core group of 5-10 people that met at least twice a week to get our homework done and study for the tests. I had already taken the class before, with a similar group that didn’t help too much. I was kind of the leader in last years group. I understood things a lot more and wanted my friends to succeed as well. It made for some late nights, and into my life came one thing that I had never used before. 

Throughout high school I had a lot of trouble with my sleep schedule, I couldn’t fall asleep and once there I was up every 20-30 minutes. Eventually time would come and I would get out of bed, not so refreshed, but having gotten some sleep. I’d muddle through the day and repeat the process the next day. Eventually I got the hang of it, crashing at my already typical “bed time” and waking up early. I did all of this without an alarm clock. When this class last winter came about, I had to use one. I had a Bloomsday class in the mornings, and had to be up at the school by 7 for it, having only come down from the school 7 or 8 hours earlier it was tough. I have always been prideful of my ability to not need an alarm clock and let my internal body clock do the work. 

That no longer is the case. If I needed to be up at 7 or 8 I could do it without a problem, my wake up call this winter, is 6 am though. A much taller task. I also live a good 20-30 minutes from our track teams meeting place. So I have to leave my house right at 6:15 to make it up on time, without having to do an extra 10 push-ups. 

So I now sit here waiting, having been awake since 5 o’ clock, for my alarm clock to chime, maybe I will insert my hand before and shut it off manually. Letting my body do the work it hasn’t been allowed this winter. Maybe I will give myself an extra 10 minutes to gather my things, make sure my lunch is packed and that I have no reason to return back to home before my day is done later this evening. 

Hopefully whenever you find this today, be it this early morning, or later in the afternoon, you thank your alarm clock for doing the job of getting you up. I know I will. For a runner’s job is never truly finished if he or she still has some miles left in their body.

Until next time,

Nobaching Down

School, Cross Country, Church

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Hello all!

Well what a crazy few weeks it has been! I am sorry for the lack of updates, I am busier now than I have ever been in my college career, and that’s both a good thing and a bad thing!
First and foremost classes are going super well. I have had two tests, one in my Chemistry test (part 1 of 2 (80%) Part 2 of 2 coming Monday) and one in my geology class that I think went fairly well this last Thursday. It’s always hard to judge how to study for the first exams of the quarter and I typically do better after the first one. My final class geographical information systems (GIS from here on out), has gone really well so far. It’s a pretty easy class in that it just walks us through a program to deal with maps. It’s been great so far!
Cross country is what makes my life busier than it has been. The way in which my school schedule is structured is that I can only be with the cross country team on Tuesdays and every other Monday (as well as weekends). I have to get my runs done in the mornings before class. I typically spend all day on campus, getting up to the school between 7 and 8, and not leaving until after 4:30 most days. Cross country has gone extremely well though. The last two weeks have been especially good for me. I have had great workouts and today had a fantastic race. Since I last sent you a message I have had two races, one in Missoula where I ran a 33:30 8k (5 mile race), I felt terrible this day, but it was a good experience, and one that I have learned from. Today we were in Lewiston ID, and I had a fantastic race! I knew coming in that I would run a lot better, my workouts the last two weeks have had great improvements, I felt stronger and better than I had in the first few weeks, this is partially because I was getting back to high mileage and faster paces. I knew that I could get close to 30 minutes for the five miles, I still think going sub 30 minutes is entirely within reach, but I wasn’t sure if I was quite there today. I knew that sub 31 though was possible, but it still would have been almost 2 minutes of improvement over 4 weeks. Entirely possible to do, but I may have been a little skeptical that I could do it. Well my skepticism was proven incorrect. I ran a 30:22 5k today, which over 5 full miles I was 18 seconds faster than a lifetime pr, and a 2:30 minute pr over 8k’s.
Future races include a half marathon tomorrow and in two weeks I will be spending time in the great state of Arizona for my fourth and final 8k race as an Eagle, for the Conference meet!
Something that has been lacking from these messages is the fact that I haven’t updated you since freshmen year about church. The sad truth of this though is that I had rarely been attending church while here at Eastern. I did start attending an Episcopalian group on Monday evenings last year with a couple of friends, I enjoyed the company and still continue to do this, but this was not the church setting for Sunday I typically sought out. I have however, with my friends Megan Larsen and Jacob Helm, started attending First Presbyterian Church of Spokane on Sunday mornings the last two weeks. I am upset that I had not gone prior. I love it there. They’re very welcoming and it reminds me so much of Mountain View. It would definitely have been a place I sought out to go every week had I been willing to put myself on the bus early ever day over the last many years. I can say that I have found a place to attend though frequently on Sundays, which I am happy about.
As for everything else assume it is well! I hope you are all doing well! I cannot wait to see you all again!

Summer, School, Running, Seattle

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Wow! What a summer it has been!

Now normally you don’t hear from me this early, but I thought you all would like to know that I made it to Eastern Washington this last week (Tuesday night Wednesday morning to be more exact). I have come over for a few reasons as early as I did. 1) I had a dentist appointment on Wednesday for my braces (almost off, couple of weeks), and 2) I was going to look for a job.
Well the dentist appointment went well! Job hunting is slow, but I have hopes. I did apply for Auntie’s bookstore yesterday so I hope that I get that one! Otherwise I keep searching!
So you all may be wondering what I have been up to this summer. The best thing to do, is to head over to (just copy and paste into your web browser), because I didn’t do a whole lot outside of my running adventures! Which were far and wide! A brief overview is that I ran my Coeur D’Alene Marathon back in May (which you all heard about), and then followed up with races in Seattle and Missoula! The completion of all three races qualified me for the Marathon Maniacs! A crazy organization of people who run as many marathons as possible! Obviously being one of them, I thought it was the best thing for me to do!
I am still three weeks out from school (as of last Wednesday) and will continue to do what I am doing, except that I have had a great opportunity come my way. On Wednesday I talked with the cross country coach here at Eastern, and he offered me a position on the team! I am returning to competition and would love for as many of you who want to come out to come out!
The reason I make that plea is that I will be in Seattle next Saturday! I will be running the Sundodger Invitational, at Lincoln Park, at I believe 11:35 (text me later this week for more exact details). I would love to have you all come and support me! It’s the last time I will be in Seattle for a race this short (8k about 5 or so miles).
Until we talk again (I’ll send an update for my race next weekend),

Winding Down for Summer

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Well once again it has been some time!

The last you heard from me was before Bloomsday and I was preparing for a good number of races, tests, IronMay, and visitors to my humble abode here in Cheney! Since then I have had a number of tests, completed all of those races, IronMay has come and gone, and the visitors have came, stayed, and left. I’ve seen my dad a couple of times also in the last month, which was good!

Let’s start with school shall we? School has gone really well over the last month, so there isn’t going to be a lot to tell, all of my tests have been up in the 80’s and 90’s. Labs have gone well for my classes and I was able to get into all the classes I was pining for in the fall. Classes now have a week left of classes and then it is finals week! At which point I shall be making my trip home for summer! The classes I am signed up for in the fall are chemistry, geology (starting a new series (once again I am not sure of the title of the class), and GIS (geographic information systems). I also have geologic hazards on the list, which puts me up at 18 credits, but I don’t know if I will keep that in my schedule, and instead may move that to another time.

Reading has been on the slow turn (well slow for me). I have finished two books since you last heard from me. I finished the Saga of Larten Crepsley quickly after receiving the book. It was a quick and delightful read that brought the whole series to a circle that starts into the Saga of Darren Shan! I am now waiting on the start of Darren Shan’s new series which starts this fall! The second book I started into was the Brotherband Chronicles Book Two The Invaders. This was also really good and a quick read. I am upset that I read books so quickly, since I always find myself wanting the next one right now. I have two books (well more than two), waiting for me to get to them. I need to finish the Gregor series, and also the Kane Chronicles. Both are in my possession it’s just a matter of having the time to read them, which I haven’t had too much of.

I realized yesterday that I have a lot of books on the way that I want to read, I figure I may as well let you know what they are, so you have some idea of what is to come from me! I have at least 7 on the way this summer and fall. The most exciting one for me is JK Rolwing’s new book for adults The Casual Vacancy coming out at the end of September, obviously those that know me (which is all of you) know of my affinity for all things Harry Potter, and even though this isn’t Harry, this is from his creator and I will always support her. Next just comes a stream of books Darren Shan has two coming out one in August, another in September. August is a book for adults called Lady of the Shades, and September starts his new series for children called ZOM-B. Obviously the latter is about our undead friends. The second book from John Stephens, The Fire Chronicle is coming out in October and I cannot wait to read it! After borrowing the first book, The Emerald Atlas, from one of my bosses, Marilyn, I fell in love with and wanted the second book right away (why do I read series books?) and am happy to have the second on it’s way! Next comes the installments of The Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan, The Mark of Athena, and The Brotherband Chronicles by John Flanagan, The Hunters. Both I am looking forward to! Finally one of my favorite authors who hasn’t released a book for some time is Lemony Snicket, who is releasing a new book titled Who Could That Be At This Hour, it is starting a new four book series by him! I am excited for them! That’s seven books, I am sure there are more, but they all span from August to September, and I am waiting for them all!

Before we get to all my running endeavors I will recap team Eagle Maniacs journey to IronMay triumph! Initially in May we bounced back and forth with the lead and a few of the other teams. We jumped out to a very early lead in the running category and didn’t look back. I personally got in over 180 miles of running in May, and my comrades compiled another 160 combined. I had sought out people who would do my biking and swimming for me. I got in almost 4 miles of swimming, and got in over 400 miles of biking in May. After the first week we had secured our place on top of the charts staying ahead of the other teams by almost a full ironman for the next two weeks. During week four I became worried we would be unseated, and we were for a day, as I wasn’t running and biking as much, and had cut out swimming almost entirely from my routine as I prepared for my marathon. We did however bounce back, as I hopped back on the bike and got in 112.2 miles of biking in the last three days of May! Needless to say we ended up on top, we had the most biking and running miles of any other team, and were only edged out of the swimming by less than a mile (I think the second place team realized they couldn’t catch us in any other category). So all in all May wasn’t a bad month in terms of exercise, it gets better when running is fully described.

As I said I got over 180 miles of running, one of my highest monthly totals ever. The first week saw all sorts of inner turmoil as I struggled with how to orient my running in preparation for Bloomsday the first weekend of May. I decided to put the long 20 mile run (21.2 is what it ended up being), on the Friday before Bloomsday. Now if you’ve read this email/blog for the last many years you will know that Bloomsday is one of my favorite running events. I love it a little more each time I run it! This year I played host to my friends Michael and Duard, which was a lot of fun! They both got in on Friday night and stayed Friday (Duard also stayed Saturday). I went into Spokane and picked up my race packet on Friday, and went down as well Saturday with my companions. I ran Bloomsday really well considering that I had run 21 miles only two days before. It was my second fastest Bloomsday with a time of 51:45. After Bloomsday my training took a turn fully towards my marathon that was 3 weeks later. I did run one more race, a local 5k race between Bloomsday and Coeur D’Alene, I placed third overall in this small race. CDA was a week later and I was prepared for it. I ended up taking first in my age group with a massive PR, 47 minutes and 18 seconds better than my best marathon time in Skagit Flats. For a full race report on CDA visit my blog Nobaching Down. Overall this last weekend was a great weekend!

Next up for my running is the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon in three weekends, and then I follow that up two weekends later with the Missoula Marathon, which finishes off my three marathon journey in 6 weeks to enter the ranks of the Marathon Maniacs! I also have two more marathons set up, in Sioux Falls and Bismarck come September! Both I am excited for! That should be a wonderful trip!

I doubt that you will hear much from me now that summer is so near, I shall send you all one last message come summer, to let you know how the quarter ends for me. If you wish to keep updated on my running adventures this summer keep an eye on the above blog, it will be updated more frequently than these emails will be sent out!


Reading, Running, and More!

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Hey everyone!
Hope you are all doing well! I sure am!

Since you last heard from me quite a bit has happened in school, running, and reading!

School wise I have made my way through a test in each class, each went pretty well, I am still waiting for the geology one to come back. Astronomy was the first test, and that went pretty well. There was one problem that I misinterpreted and didn’t go as well as it could and should have, but as a whole things went well. It still continues to be the challenging course of the quarter, but it is interesting to learn about the constellations, and to be able to find certain ones in the sky that I couldn’t find before. Physics has been a pretty straightforward class. It is sort of a joke to be honest, as on the tests you get to use your book notes and homework (which is done in class for us). So obviously this test went really well. Geology is still going well. We have a lab with a stratiographic profile due this week. It continues to go well, and as I said the test hasn’t come back yet, but I know it went well.

Running has continued to be good. April is coming to an end, and I am a little over 100 miles for the month, with one more day of running left (probably 5 miles or so). Next weekend is Bloomsday! I am excited! I have finally decided on a plan of attack for my race strategy. There really won’t be one. As you all know my marathon plans are in full swing and I have been training for a string of 5 of them for a while now. I am going to go out and run 20 miles on Saturday and then just run Bloomsday, possibly staying with Duard who will be visiting Saturday and Sunday, or starting as near Michael who is crashing on our couch Friday night having arrived from the Virgin Islands, that night. It’s going to be a great weekend, busy, but great!

As far as athletic enterprises are concerned I am also embarking (starting Tuesday) on and Ironman adventure during the month of May. Those who have had conversations with me will know I have stated that I will never do an Ironman. This is true, to do all of that in one day (all of that being 2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles of biking, and 26.2 miles of running) is pretty close to insane. I have run two marathons, and I know that that would not be fun after the swimming and biking. I have teamed up with four friends and we will begin to compete in Ironmay, a competition to complete as many Ironmans over the course of the month as we can. I will undertake a good chunk of the running, while the others focus namely on the swimming and biking. I will update you all on how the event is going and goes throughout May and at the end of May!

Reading is about to become very frontal in my life. This quarter I already finished the 4th book of the Gregor the Overlander series. I forgot the final book at home over spring break, but my dad is bringing it to me this next week when he comes to visit! I also finished Jodi Picoult’s latest book Lone Wolf. It was a great read delving into the topic of vegetable states, and what constitutes one, and who should be the one in charge of making such a life altering decision, the son who abandoned you for 6 years, or the daughter who has been your life, but is still a minor at 17. Jodi Picoult often undertakes difficult topics and surrounds them with a wonderful story, telling it splendidly. Recently I worked my way around Amazon’s shipping policies to have one of the three books coming my way arrive early. I got it on Friday, and finished it yesterday. Brothers to the Death by Darren Shan finished up the vampire saga (no where near the Twilight realm). This Saga has 4 books (Saga of Larten Crepsley) that make up a prequel series to the larger 12 book series (that I read first) Cirque du Freak. It was obviously a great read and one I finished quickly. I have two more books coming this week the second book in the Brotherband Chronicles (Tuesday) and the final book in the Kane Chronicles (Thursday). Both continue series that I have been reading and come from a couple of my favorite authors (John Flanagan and Rick Riordan respectively). I am looking forward to reading them!

That is all for now, I have recently updated my running blog if you care to take a look at that!

Until then,

School and Running

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Hey all!
I hope you all have had a great few weeks since you last heard from me! I know that I have been terrible at updating you all on my life, and I hope to try and do a bit better in the coming quarter.

A quick recap (because I don’t think I did it) of last quarter. It was easily one of the hardest quarters I have ever had with constantly getting minimal sleep, and studying at all hours of the day. It all ended well though. I passed all of my courses. I got a 3.7 in my Weather and Climate class (which was a bit of a surprise) because I didn’t have a lot of spare time to study for the final (I got a 70% on it), and it didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked. It was my highest grade though! My math course which got the most of my attention was my next best class with a 3.5. I attribute this to the great study group we had last quarter, it really helped because I was able to get through all the homework and myself help to teach the others. Going through it a second time wasn’t a bad thing either. Geology also saw a bit of a depletion because of the hefty amounts of time I spent with my math group. I ended with a 3.2 in the course, but I am not upset about that. I learned a lot and am ready to move forward into this quarter.

This quarter has started off pretty well. My most demanding class has been astronomy, but it’s been great to learn a little more about the place we live. I can now identify quite a few of the constellations in the zodiacs by sight, at least the one’s up now, as well as I have seen Mars a couple of times. Geology is going well with this quarter’s topic being historical geology. We have been taking a look at fossils of late and are learning a bit about the rock record. It’s been fairly low key so not much to say about it just yet! Physics is also a bit of a challenge, but the labs are what they were a year ago when I took the first sections of it and are a bit ridiculous to say the least, probably didn’t even need to be there last week to complete the lab.

Running continues to go well. My knees have seen little pain, the left is non existent. The right is often tight and could use some true deep tissue massages all the way around, but with some strengthening and massaging of my own I have seen little problem and completed a 16 mile run yesterday on a gorgeous day! I have also started a couple of courses that see some yoga, biking, and TRX (a suspension class based solely on your body weight to complete the exercises.

As far as a running schedule so you all know of the races coming up I have a race next Sunday the Susan G. Kommen Race for the Cure 5k in hopes of qualifying for Bloomsday Second Seeding. Two weeks after that is Bloomsday itself! I haven’t quite figured out my racing strategy for it. As much as I would love to go under my 48:10 from a couple of years, I don’t quite have the speed I did then (or a year ago) and also have focused on my long runs quite exclusively lately. At the end of May I hope into what is marathon season for myself. I start with Coeur D’Alene over Memorial Day weekend, 4 weeks later I hop into Seattle Rock and Roll at the end of June, and two weeks after that one complete the standards to join the Marathon Maniacs upon completing the Missoula Marathon in early July. I may run up in Bellingham a week later the Windhorse Half Marathon. In September I have set up a schedule to visit North and South Dakota (in the reverse order) for the Sioux Falls and Bismarck Marathons! Rounding out the season about 3-4 weeks later with the Spokane half marathon! Hoping for a personal record in that last one! That then drops me smack into 5k season, but we can get back to that in 5 or 6 months!

Quite a lot of racing ahead of me! Something I am excited for! I look forward to hearing from some of you!

Until the next time,

Back to School and Running

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Well hello everyone! First allow me to apologize for being two weeks into the quarter and not telling you I made it safely back over the passes of Washington to find myself safe in Cheney, although I’d venture to say our weather situation now is much worse than it was two weeks ago. I hope all of you on the West Side are enjoying the copious amounts of snow that has fallen on you over the past week, we finally got some this week as well, after what had so far been an abysmal winter season! I don’t enjoy the snow as much as I did when I was a kid, but I did play in it today with one of my roommates!  Anyways I hope that you all had a great Christmas and New Years! I know I did! This year’s break was a bit odd as I had a lot more time after New Year’s which I got to spend in a wonderful classroom! I was in observing a friends classroom, 4th Grade, for a school requirement here. I really enjoyed being with the students and allowing her to have an extra set of hands in the room. I spent a good deal of time helping with math and writing, as well as just connecting with the kids. A good experience.  Upon my return I wasted no time returning to the daily motions of my life. A reminder of the classes I have this quarter are as follows: Bloomsday Preconditioning, Geology (Surficial Processes), Weather and Climate, and History of Math. Those new to my newsletter will soon find out how much I enjoy Bloomsday Preconditioning, it is a 7 AM running class Monday, Wednesday, and Friday that I have taken for the past few years. It’s a great class despite how crazy it might sound! Geology is a follow up to the Geology class that I loved last quarter! So far it’s been a fantastic course! Weather and Climate is enjoyable in the fact that I get a weather update from a guy who is typically spot on with his weather predictions (I had him for an Oceanography course last year). Last week I was spouting off things that my professor had said about the ensuing weather that has tormented all of us this week. He had stated that it wouldn’t be more than some drizzle, we might have gotten some snow here, but you on the West Side, you were going to get your common rain! He was wrong obviously, something that I would attribute more to the very hard nature of weather predicting and the constantly changing systems that make up the weather, than his ability to read the charts, but I digress. History of Math is a course that I took last year and did quite horribly in. Ever the need to continue the education though I find myself once again in the course this time hoping to do much much better.  The first two weeks of this quarter have been a good start, not strenuous, but fairly manageable. I started back working again, but with limited hours two days a week, as that’s what best fit my schedule as well as my bosses. I have actually only had two days of running in my Bloomsday class because this first day is always syllabus day, a special set of circumstances the following Friday (I will get to those), the holiday this past Monday, and a cancellation today. Running hasn’t been really good for me the past month and a half or so, I am slowly again working back after a knee injury, although I will tell you I feel much better today than I did a week ago, I think because I actually forced the stretches on me instead of putting them off a bit after my workout. I will continue to do them right after I run, hopefully getting myself into the routine of doing this and getting back to what you all know as my crazy running self.  The special circumstances I mentioned above were braces. The first Thursday of the quarter I got a tooth pulled and braces put on! Just on the bottom and hopefully not on for too long. I have adjusted to a different type of eating and am coping just fine! However I did have to miss a day of Bloomsday Preconditioning which is always sad.  More on the running front to sort of lay out my races ahead. I have signed myself in recent weeks for Bloomsday in May, and secured my spot in the Coeur D’Alene Marathon after having to put it off last year due to my right knee injury. With just over 4 months to go until this race I am comfortable with building my base up enough compete in this one with ease. I am right now signed up for 3 marathons in 7 weeks. This qualifies me for the Marathon Maniacs, a highly esteemed group of fellow runners, who are as the name might imply Maniacs for the Marathon. Something I am obviously. The other two I am signed up for are the Seattle Rock and Roll in June and the Missoula Marathon in July. This adds two more states to the two I have already competed in, bringing my total up to 4. Other races coming up are a Resolution Run 5k held in a week on campus and the St. Paddy’s Day 5 miler that I hope I can find a ride to this year.  I feel as though I may be forgetting a usual piece to this letter. If I am I apologize and hope you will all bring it to my attention and hold me accountable!  Be safe! Drive safe! I believe the weather is calling for a warming of the temperatures across the state so rain is probably in your forecast to wash away all that snow!  See you all soon, Brandon

Merry Christmas!

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Where has the time gone? I’ve been home a week and a half and haven’t stopped going! I am sorry that it has been so long since you have seen an update from me in your in boxes (or here on the blog if you read this here)! Anyways let’s get to the meat! I finished strong in the quarter. I don’t remember what the last update mentioned about anything the one on the blog is from November 7th, and a lot has happened since then! Of course since I am home that means that the quarter finished up and it was one of the best quarters for my grades! There had been some doubt as to how well I would actually finish in Geology after having done well on the last two tests (overall a 75%, 98%, and 94% on tests with a 95% in the lab). That 75% is the one that I was worried about bringing me down a little bit. Each of those percents being worth 20% of the total grade left 20% to the final. Well overall I finished with a 4.0, most likely because of the improvement on the tests from the first one, and a full 100% on the final! 80/80! I was excited you guys should be too! My education classes also went well. I finished with 4.0’s in all the classes that gave grades (Management and Assessment) and passed my 200 course (pass/fail grade).

A lot has happened in my running life. I am once again battling knee injury, this time in the left knee. I can run every few days with a day or two off in between! So hopefully all heals up quickly! I have run my two Jingle Bell runs, Spokane and Seattle and those went off without any hitches!

I’ve gotten myself into the holiday spirit finally getting to hear some Christmas music with a few musical performances from friends (Casey Bodmer, the Children’s ministry at the church, and Kaylee Royer great job everyone!) I love this season!

Books! I have read through a few, most notably the Hunger Games. I didn’t head the advice soon enough! These books are simply amazing! I read the first two this last week and am hungrily (pun not intended) awaiting the third! If you haven’t read them do so now!

I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year! You probably won’t hear from me until I am tucked away in my apartment back in Cheney, battling the cold! Although it has been frosty here!

Take Care


Geology Test!

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Hello Everyone!
Well it has been an interesting and crazy couple of weeks.

Many of you may have heard that I was back in Marysville the weekend before Thanksgiving. You all know that help in the summers and falls as a volunteer coach at the local high schools in Marysville. Well I was in town because of a loss on our cross country team. You probably heard of the accident that took place in Marysville and the loss of life that occurred. I was back in town for the funeral. The other two boys involved in the accident are doing well.

I was able to attend the district cross country meet that weekend as well and cheer on our girls as they attempted to make it as a team to the state meet, and also our sole representative at state this year Rachael as she qualified for the meet. I was also able to partake in our boys moving display of support for their teammate. I am extremely glad that I was able to make it back home for that weekend. It was exactly where I needed to be.

Life continues to be as it usually goes for me. Everything is going well, albeit at times stressful, especially this quarter. As you all know I am entering the education program this quarter and have had an assortment of paperwork to fill out in terms of where I might be placed (hopefully Cheney High for observations), and other things. Getting everything taken care of and also working on a schedule to set out my time left here at Eastern. This has been the most stressful part of the paperwork as I try to figure out where I can place classes that are only offered at certain times of the year. It would be wonderful to have one more Fall and Spring term available to me, for as of right now I am overloaded in both those quarters. I mentioned a possible summer term in my last email, and that is looking more and more like a possibility, although again, nothing has been set into stone at this point.

My other class, Geology is going extremely well. The labs get easier when I don’t have to do a lot of identifying of colors, but are overall a lot of fun to do. We just had our second test, which after the first test didn’t go as well as I would have liked I prepared more for. Having learned the style of the test (mostly fill in the blank and the short answers were easy to pick out what they would be) I prepared myself to take it and do well. I was in and out of the test on Thursday morning within 15 minutes. Now you may be saying, “Brandon, are you sure you did well in that short amount of time?” Yes. Yes, I am. I am fully confident in the test that I took the other day and am really looking forward to getting it back tomorrow. I do not believe that I missed anything, although I do know there was a possible margin of error for myself, I will let you know how it turns out.

Reading continues to go well as I bounce between books and never quite finish one. I did force myself to finish Jodi Picoults first novel though this weekend (I will bring it for you tomorrow Darcy). It was a good book and I was glad to be able to relate to a lot of the subjects that drove the narrative. Songs of the Humpback Whale has many geological and oceanic materials that peaked my interest, and are directly related to what I have learned and will learn in the coming years. I have now started another book by John Flanagan (author of the previous book The Lost Stories that I mentioned). This book is the start of a new young adult series that he is writing based on another area of the world his previous series, The Ranger’s Apprentice, was set. So far a few chapters in it is pretty good.

Running as always continues well. My knee injury is a thing of the past. Right now I am focusing on nothing in particular other than to simply build my base mileage back up again. I did end up hitting 100 miles for the first time since March in October, something that I was excited to do. I will probably do similar mileage over the next two months before delving into training for the Coeur D’Alene, Seattle Rock and Roll, and Missoula Marathons. With the completion of those three marathons I will be able to apply to the Marathon Maniacs, a group of other crazies like myself who run as many marathons as they can!

Well that’s a wrap! I hope each of you are doing well! I will be home again soon for Thanksgiving and then for a full month at Christmas time!