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I’m in bed still, typing this up from my laptop.

The fact that it is 5:30 in the morning, that I am also a college student, usually means that I haven’t gone to bed, if I were a normal college student that is. I’m not. 

I have always been the old man of all of my friends, early to bed, early to rise. Time to get those runs in (even though practice in high school was in the afternoon, and I set my own schedule for most of my college career). I have been known to fall asleep wherever I please. If I was comfortable in your house, I would fall asleep wherever I was sitting, the couch, at the table, or sometimes the living room floor. It wasn’t unheard of, and often expected. Maybe it was because I was always exerting myself in running, maybe I just needed more sleep than other people. 

That didn’t change much when I got to college, my first roommate can attest to that. I chose those 8 am classes. I sought them out. I knew that I would be up and ready to face the days. Early on you could find me in the PUB (Eastern Washington Universities student union building) enjoying a donut (or two), reading the comics (and rest of the newspaper) and enjoying my morning before class. I made friends with the ladies who cashiered the dining hall and even had a friend join me for a time in my mornings. 

I was this way up until the last year or so. Last winter I took a class that was easily one of the toughest I have taken here at school. I was constantly in study sessions, I was constantly working to do better, to be better. We had a core group of 5-10 people that met at least twice a week to get our homework done and study for the tests. I had already taken the class before, with a similar group that didn’t help too much. I was kind of the leader in last years group. I understood things a lot more and wanted my friends to succeed as well. It made for some late nights, and into my life came one thing that I had never used before. 

Throughout high school I had a lot of trouble with my sleep schedule, I couldn’t fall asleep and once there I was up every 20-30 minutes. Eventually time would come and I would get out of bed, not so refreshed, but having gotten some sleep. I’d muddle through the day and repeat the process the next day. Eventually I got the hang of it, crashing at my already typical “bed time” and waking up early. I did all of this without an alarm clock. When this class last winter came about, I had to use one. I had a Bloomsday class in the mornings, and had to be up at the school by 7 for it, having only come down from the school 7 or 8 hours earlier it was tough. I have always been prideful of my ability to not need an alarm clock and let my internal body clock do the work. 

That no longer is the case. If I needed to be up at 7 or 8 I could do it without a problem, my wake up call this winter, is 6 am though. A much taller task. I also live a good 20-30 minutes from our track teams meeting place. So I have to leave my house right at 6:15 to make it up on time, without having to do an extra 10 push-ups. 

So I now sit here waiting, having been awake since 5 o’ clock, for my alarm clock to chime, maybe I will insert my hand before and shut it off manually. Letting my body do the work it hasn’t been allowed this winter. Maybe I will give myself an extra 10 minutes to gather my things, make sure my lunch is packed and that I have no reason to return back to home before my day is done later this evening. 

Hopefully whenever you find this today, be it this early morning, or later in the afternoon, you thank your alarm clock for doing the job of getting you up. I know I will. For a runner’s job is never truly finished if he or she still has some miles left in their body.

Until next time,

Nobaching Down