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Wow! What a summer it has been!

Now normally you don’t hear from me this early, but I thought you all would like to know that I made it to Eastern Washington this last week (Tuesday night Wednesday morning to be more exact). I have come over for a few reasons as early as I did. 1) I had a dentist appointment on Wednesday for my braces (almost off, couple of weeks), and 2) I was going to look for a job.
Well the dentist appointment went well! Job hunting is slow, but I have hopes. I did apply for Auntie’s bookstore yesterday so I hope that I get that one! Otherwise I keep searching!
So you all may be wondering what I have been up to this summer. The best thing to do, is to head over to (just copy and paste into your web browser), because I didn’t do a whole lot outside of my running adventures! Which were far and wide! A brief overview is that I ran my Coeur D’Alene Marathon back in May (which you all heard about), and then followed up with races in Seattle and Missoula! The completion of all three races qualified me for the Marathon Maniacs! A crazy organization of people who run as many marathons as possible! Obviously being one of them, I thought it was the best thing for me to do!
I am still three weeks out from school (as of last Wednesday) and will continue to do what I am doing, except that I have had a great opportunity come my way. On Wednesday I talked with the cross country coach here at Eastern, and he offered me a position on the team! I am returning to competition and would love for as many of you who want to come out to come out!
The reason I make that plea is that I will be in Seattle next Saturday! I will be running the Sundodger Invitational, at Lincoln Park, at I believe 11:35 (text me later this week for more exact details). I would love to have you all come and support me! It’s the last time I will be in Seattle for a race this short (8k about 5 or so miles).
Until we talk again (I’ll send an update for my race next weekend),