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Winding Down for Summer

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Well once again it has been some time!

The last you heard from me was before Bloomsday and I was preparing for a good number of races, tests, IronMay, and visitors to my humble abode here in Cheney! Since then I have had a number of tests, completed all of those races, IronMay has come and gone, and the visitors have came, stayed, and left. I’ve seen my dad a couple of times also in the last month, which was good!

Let’s start with school shall we? School has gone really well over the last month, so there isn’t going to be a lot to tell, all of my tests have been up in the 80’s and 90’s. Labs have gone well for my classes and I was able to get into all the classes I was pining for in the fall. Classes now have a week left of classes and then it is finals week! At which point I shall be making my trip home for summer! The classes I am signed up for in the fall are chemistry, geology (starting a new series (once again I am not sure of the title of the class), and GIS (geographic information systems). I also have geologic hazards on the list, which puts me up at 18 credits, but I don’t know if I will keep that in my schedule, and instead may move that to another time.

Reading has been on the slow turn (well slow for me). I have finished two books since you last heard from me. I finished the Saga of Larten Crepsley quickly after receiving the book. It was a quick and delightful read that brought the whole series to a circle that starts into the Saga of Darren Shan! I am now waiting on the start of Darren Shan’s new series which starts this fall! The second book I started into was the Brotherband Chronicles Book Two The Invaders. This was also really good and a quick read. I am upset that I read books so quickly, since I always find myself wanting the next one right now. I have two books (well more than two), waiting for me to get to them. I need to finish the Gregor series, and also the Kane Chronicles. Both are in my possession it’s just a matter of having the time to read them, which I haven’t had too much of.

I realized yesterday that I have a lot of books on the way that I want to read, I figure I may as well let you know what they are, so you have some idea of what is to come from me! I have at least 7 on the way this summer and fall. The most exciting one for me is JK Rolwing’s new book for adults The Casual Vacancy coming out at the end of September, obviously those that know me (which is all of you) know of my affinity for all things Harry Potter, and even though this isn’t Harry, this is from his creator and I will always support her. Next just comes a stream of books Darren Shan has two coming out one in August, another in September. August is a book for adults called Lady of the Shades, and September starts his new series for children called ZOM-B. Obviously the latter is about our undead friends. The second book from John Stephens, The Fire Chronicle is coming out in October and I cannot wait to read it! After borrowing the first book, The Emerald Atlas, from one of my bosses, Marilyn, I fell in love with and wanted the second book right away (why do I read series books?) and am happy to have the second on it’s way! Next comes the installments of The Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan, The Mark of Athena, and The Brotherband Chronicles by John Flanagan, The Hunters. Both I am looking forward to! Finally one of my favorite authors who hasn’t released a book for some time is Lemony Snicket, who is releasing a new book titled Who Could That Be At This Hour, it is starting a new four book series by him! I am excited for them! That’s seven books, I am sure there are more, but they all span from August to September, and I am waiting for them all!

Before we get to all my running endeavors I will recap team Eagle Maniacs journey to IronMay triumph! Initially in May we bounced back and forth with the lead and a few of the other teams. We jumped out to a very early lead in the running category and didn’t look back. I personally got in over 180 miles of running in May, and my comrades compiled another 160 combined. I had sought out people who would do my biking and swimming for me. I got in almost 4 miles of swimming, and got in over 400 miles of biking in May. After the first week we had secured our place on top of the charts staying ahead of the other teams by almost a full ironman for the next two weeks. During week four I became worried we would be unseated, and we were for a day, as I wasn’t running and biking as much, and had cut out swimming almost entirely from my routine as I prepared for my marathon. We did however bounce back, as I hopped back on the bike and got in 112.2 miles of biking in the last three days of May! Needless to say we ended up on top, we had the most biking and running miles of any other team, and were only edged out of the swimming by less than a mile (I think the second place team realized they couldn’t catch us in any other category). So all in all May wasn’t a bad month in terms of exercise, it gets better when running is fully described.

As I said I got over 180 miles of running, one of my highest monthly totals ever. The first week saw all sorts of inner turmoil as I struggled with how to orient my running in preparation for Bloomsday the first weekend of May. I decided to put the long 20 mile run (21.2 is what it ended up being), on the Friday before Bloomsday. Now if you’ve read this email/blog for the last many years you will know that Bloomsday is one of my favorite running events. I love it a little more each time I run it! This year I played host to my friends Michael and Duard, which was a lot of fun! They both got in on Friday night and stayed Friday (Duard also stayed Saturday). I went into Spokane and picked up my race packet on Friday, and went down as well Saturday with my companions. I ran Bloomsday really well considering that I had run 21 miles only two days before. It was my second fastest Bloomsday with a time of 51:45. After Bloomsday my training took a turn fully towards my marathon that was 3 weeks later. I did run one more race, a local 5k race between Bloomsday and Coeur D’Alene, I placed third overall in this small race. CDA was a week later and I was prepared for it. I ended up taking first in my age group with a massive PR, 47 minutes and 18 seconds better than my best marathon time in Skagit Flats. For a full race report on CDA visit my blog Nobaching Down. Overall this last weekend was a great weekend!

Next up for my running is the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon in three weekends, and then I follow that up two weekends later with the Missoula Marathon, which finishes off my three marathon journey in 6 weeks to enter the ranks of the Marathon Maniacs! I also have two more marathons set up, in Sioux Falls and Bismarck come September! Both I am excited for! That should be a wonderful trip!

I doubt that you will hear much from me now that summer is so near, I shall send you all one last message come summer, to let you know how the quarter ends for me. If you wish to keep updated on my running adventures this summer keep an eye on the above blog, it will be updated more frequently than these emails will be sent out!