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Back to School and Running

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Well hello everyone! First allow me to apologize for being two weeks into the quarter and not telling you I made it safely back over the passes of Washington to find myself safe in Cheney, although I’d venture to say our weather situation now is much worse than it was two weeks ago. I hope all of you on the West Side are enjoying the copious amounts of snow that has fallen on you over the past week, we finally got some this week as well, after what had so far been an abysmal winter season! I don’t enjoy the snow as much as I did when I was a kid, but I did play in it today with one of my roommates!  Anyways I hope that you all had a great Christmas and New Years! I know I did! This year’s break was a bit odd as I had a lot more time after New Year’s which I got to spend in a wonderful classroom! I was in observing a friends classroom, 4th Grade, for a school requirement here. I really enjoyed being with the students and allowing her to have an extra set of hands in the room. I spent a good deal of time helping with math and writing, as well as just connecting with the kids. A good experience.  Upon my return I wasted no time returning to the daily motions of my life. A reminder of the classes I have this quarter are as follows: Bloomsday Preconditioning, Geology (Surficial Processes), Weather and Climate, and History of Math. Those new to my newsletter will soon find out how much I enjoy Bloomsday Preconditioning, it is a 7 AM running class Monday, Wednesday, and Friday that I have taken for the past few years. It’s a great class despite how crazy it might sound! Geology is a follow up to the Geology class that I loved last quarter! So far it’s been a fantastic course! Weather and Climate is enjoyable in the fact that I get a weather update from a guy who is typically spot on with his weather predictions (I had him for an Oceanography course last year). Last week I was spouting off things that my professor had said about the ensuing weather that has tormented all of us this week. He had stated that it wouldn’t be more than some drizzle, we might have gotten some snow here, but you on the West Side, you were going to get your common rain! He was wrong obviously, something that I would attribute more to the very hard nature of weather predicting and the constantly changing systems that make up the weather, than his ability to read the charts, but I digress. History of Math is a course that I took last year and did quite horribly in. Ever the need to continue the education though I find myself once again in the course this time hoping to do much much better.  The first two weeks of this quarter have been a good start, not strenuous, but fairly manageable. I started back working again, but with limited hours two days a week, as that’s what best fit my schedule as well as my bosses. I have actually only had two days of running in my Bloomsday class because this first day is always syllabus day, a special set of circumstances the following Friday (I will get to those), the holiday this past Monday, and a cancellation today. Running hasn’t been really good for me the past month and a half or so, I am slowly again working back after a knee injury, although I will tell you I feel much better today than I did a week ago, I think because I actually forced the stretches on me instead of putting them off a bit after my workout. I will continue to do them right after I run, hopefully getting myself into the routine of doing this and getting back to what you all know as my crazy running self.  The special circumstances I mentioned above were braces. The first Thursday of the quarter I got a tooth pulled and braces put on! Just on the bottom and hopefully not on for too long. I have adjusted to a different type of eating and am coping just fine! However I did have to miss a day of Bloomsday Preconditioning which is always sad.  More on the running front to sort of lay out my races ahead. I have signed myself in recent weeks for Bloomsday in May, and secured my spot in the Coeur D’Alene Marathon after having to put it off last year due to my right knee injury. With just over 4 months to go until this race I am comfortable with building my base up enough compete in this one with ease. I am right now signed up for 3 marathons in 7 weeks. This qualifies me for the Marathon Maniacs, a highly esteemed group of fellow runners, who are as the name might imply Maniacs for the Marathon. Something I am obviously. The other two I am signed up for are the Seattle Rock and Roll in June and the Missoula Marathon in July. This adds two more states to the two I have already competed in, bringing my total up to 4. Other races coming up are a Resolution Run 5k held in a week on campus and the St. Paddy’s Day 5 miler that I hope I can find a ride to this year.  I feel as though I may be forgetting a usual piece to this letter. If I am I apologize and hope you will all bring it to my attention and hold me accountable!  Be safe! Drive safe! I believe the weather is calling for a warming of the temperatures across the state so rain is probably in your forecast to wash away all that snow!  See you all soon, Brandon