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Merry Christmas!

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Where has the time gone? I’ve been home a week and a half and haven’t stopped going! I am sorry that it has been so long since you have seen an update from me in your in boxes (or here on the blog if you read this here)! Anyways let’s get to the meat! I finished strong in the quarter. I don’t remember what the last update mentioned about anything the one on the blog is from November 7th, and a lot has happened since then! Of course since I am home that means that the quarter finished up and it was one of the best quarters for my grades! There had been some doubt as to how well I would actually finish in Geology after having done well on the last two tests (overall a 75%, 98%, and 94% on tests with a 95% in the lab). That 75% is the one that I was worried about bringing me down a little bit. Each of those percents being worth 20% of the total grade left 20% to the final. Well overall I finished with a 4.0, most likely because of the improvement on the tests from the first one, and a full 100% on the final! 80/80! I was excited you guys should be too! My education classes also went well. I finished with 4.0’s in all the classes that gave grades (Management and Assessment) and passed my 200 course (pass/fail grade).

A lot has happened in my running life. I am once again battling knee injury, this time in the left knee. I can run every few days with a day or two off in between! So hopefully all heals up quickly! I have run my two Jingle Bell runs, Spokane and Seattle and those went off without any hitches!

I’ve gotten myself into the holiday spirit finally getting to hear some Christmas music with a few musical performances from friends (Casey Bodmer, the Children’s ministry at the church, and Kaylee Royer great job everyone!) I love this season!

Books! I have read through a few, most notably the Hunger Games. I didn’t head the advice soon enough! These books are simply amazing! I read the first two this last week and am hungrily (pun not intended) awaiting the third! If you haven’t read them do so now!

I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year! You probably won’t hear from me until I am tucked away in my apartment back in Cheney, battling the cold! Although it has been frosty here!

Take Care