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Books, Running, and Possibly Summer Courses

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Hello all!
Well here we are again! Another update from me! I hope that this letter finds you well!

It has been a busy couple of weeks for me since I ran the Spokane Half Marathon and last updated you! I have finished one book and am well on my way to finishing another, and I competed in another race today!

The book that I finished was the one I mentioned last time The Lost Stories by John Flanagan, is the one I finished. It was great to have a few more stories from a great childrens literature series that I have been reading over the last many years, I did find myself wanting more, but I guess those stories will be left for another day. He does have another series based in the same area in the world, but from a different perspective (a different country as the home land) set after his first series ends. The other book that I am a little over halfway through is Jodi Picoult’s first novel. It is pretty good, and one I did start before The Lost Stories, as I believe I mentioned it in my first or second letter to you this year.

School continues to go well. My education classes picked up steam in terms of work load, but they are going well. We have been doing more paperwork of late, having to fill out which classes we have taken and which ones we have still to do in our majors/minors. This coming week we will be taking those and putting together a schedule for the rest of our time here at Eastern (four more quarters of classes and then student teaching).

The race that I ran today was called the Hunger Stomp. It was a charity race in which proceeds went to help the hungry in Cheney and Spokane. A 5k race and it’s first year of being run was pretty well organized (got off to a late start), but overall it was a good race! I started out front with the eventual winner, a young man named Kyle who was probably 13 or 14 years of age. He had a strong stride and pulled to the front halfway in the race. I came in about a minute behind him in second. It was a good day for running! On a better note if I can get in 33 miles next week (entirely possible if I get my runs in) I get to 100 miles for the first time since February (I hit 89 in March). A sure sign that I am back on the right track to being better and healthier.

More on the racing front I am now signed up for two marathons (after I confirm entry into the Coeur D’Alene Marathon) next year. I signed myself up for the Missoula Marathon on July 9th last night! I will also be making a decision to become an ambassador for the San Francisco Marathon this coming week. I want to do it, but I am not sure whether it is the right thing to do or not. I will also be running (most likely with Duard and possibly my brother) the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon next June, if my schedule allows.

Something that I have talked with a few of you about, but not many is something that I have alluded to in that last paragraph only slightly. My schedule allowing me to do a few of these races is completely dependent upon one thing. Summer courses. That is something that I will know more about next quarter. For now let me state that there is entirely the possibility that I will not be returning at the end of this school year until next August. Summer courses are a real possibility and something that I will let you know more about later when I know more myself.

I have been asked by a few people when I will be returning back to the west side of the state. I will be making that venture in about a month. For Thanksgiving. I do look forward to seeing some of you then! I will return the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and head back to school the Sunday following. The following time I will be there is At Christmas, coming home on the 7th of December, and returning for school on the 7th or 8th of January.

That is all for this update! Again I hope that this finds each of you doing well!


Running Events Galore!

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Hello all!
Well I told you it would be a couple of weeks since you heard from me! I thought about sending you all a note on Friday, but figured a couple of days wouldn’t hurt as I was running a half marathon this morning and I know that many of you enjoy hearing about my running!

As you may recall I went home last weekend (the reason for my absence in telling you all how I am doing). I went home for the sole reason to help out with the Tomahawk Twilight Invitational! If you have been following these letters over the last many years (or just know me) the Tomahawk Twilight Invitational is my favorite cross country meet of the year and something I will never miss as long as I am around to go to it. The meet being in its’ fifth year was a success. We had 52 teams this year (the same number as last year), around 2,000 athletes, just as many spectators, and an open race at the end of the evening that was HUGE! I didn’t partake in the open race, but got to watch the start of it such a spectacle! Overall the weekend was a success! I personally didn’t feel as stressed out during the day as I ran around on Friday and Saturday, spending a total of 26 hours on the golf course. My head coach in high school spent more time there than I did so kudos to him! He’s a big reason why the meet is the success that it is today!

Of course I haven’t updated you on any classes in the past two weeks. In my last email I had not even been to all of my classes having one class only on Tuesday evenings. I have now been through two full weeks of classes plus the three days you heard about before. Tuesdays are my long days. I only have two classes, but I also have a lab on that day. The lab for my geology class is definitely one of my favorite parts of my Tuesdays. This past week I was able to identify an assortment of minerals doing different tests, using the colors (which I do rely on my lab partner to help with), the streak (or color that the mineral is in powder form), the hardness, among other tests. Geology continues to go well, and as far as my education classes are concerned I have made a few friends in them (that are in all three of our ED classes), so we have a fun time in them!

I am partway through Jodi Picoult’s first novel Songs of the Humpback Whale. I am really enjoying it. I see parallels in it as far as the Humpback Whales (which one of the characters is an expert on) in my studies as an Earth and Space Science Major. So it is an opportunity to learn more things through my reading of novels, especially since Jodi Picoult is a writer who gets her facts correct, even if she does write fiction novels. Two books by my favorite young adult authors came out this week, The Lost Stories by John Flanagan and The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan so I have obtained those and started reading The Lost Stories… Which does put Jodi Picoult’s book on hold. I also obtained 5 or 6 books from my former boss Marilyn Carpenter, so I will also be reading those (I don’t know all of their titles off hand) at some point and relaying their information when I do get to them!

The half marathon this morning went well! I really ran it on a whim. With my recent knee injury I was a bit wary signing up for this one. I had told a few of you that I wouldn’t be doing anything longer than a 5k for the rest of the year (or at least until December), but I did help to train my friend Marissa Schafer for her first half marathon at Bellingham Bay Marathon. Her and I got in the long runs without any pain coming from my knee, so I figured I would be okay running the half so I signed up for it with a day to spare on raised registration. I ended up running pretty well. I walked in hoping to merely best my time from last year of 1:44:08. I bested that by about 8 minutes running an unofficial time of 1:36. A good day all in all! I was pestered by one man (whom I have seen on campus and at various sporting events in the area) for wearing my second seed singlet. I was clipping along early at about 7:30 pace and I was running with a former MP cross country runner Shawn Lyons. This man was heckling me because I “should have been faster.” A little irritating, but the fact that I was simply just running it today. I did start picking up the pace a little later after I parted ways with Shawn who was shooting for a bit of a slower time than I, I do know that I took in the top 60 of the half marathon finishers because of some people who were counting along the course and calling it out to runners. As far as the rest of the races for the coming months to finish out the year, I will be running two Jingle Bell runs (Spokane and Seattle), and will most likely be running a half (or possibly full) on New Year’s Eve up in Bellingham!

Anyways I hope you are all doing well!