First Week of School! Returning Home Soon!

In Uncategorized on September 26, 2011 at 3:22 am

Well hello everyone!
What a week it has been! How did you all enjoy reading my last email? Hope you enjoyed it, I enjoyed writing it! Anyways that will definitely be my longest update of the year as life isn’t going to be terribly exciting, although I will do my best to make them as interesting to you as possible!
School and work started this past week. I have not had all of my classes yet. I have two new ones (one lab and one long class) on Tuesday. So far the rest of my classes have been good. Did I lay out what I have? My geology class is going to be the most interesting and is the one in which I have a lab. The professor is great and the class material something I am interested in. I get to take a full year (probably from the same guy) on the same material, so it should be a great year! My education classes will go well enough this quarter, one is a complete paperwork class. So far we have had 5 or 6 packets to fill out, and that was only for the first meeting. The assessment class is the other one I have had and only had the first day to go over the syllabus. That class was quite interesting as we moved classrooms twice to get into a proper room, and will continue to move around this time on campus to find a better fit for our large class. The last class, classroom management, is my 3 hour class on Tuesday from 5-8, which caps out a very long day for myself. The math class that I may have mentioned previously, turned out to be one that I didn’t need. I ended up dropping it and picking up fast fitness to fill in a credit or two so that I could be above full time. So I now have Fridays off, which is great because Tuesday I go from 9-8 with two one hour breaks, a long long day.
I realize that I forgot to mention my reading, which most of you look forward to I know. This summer I didn’t get in a lot of reading in. I actually started a multitude of books and ended up only finishing one as I got sucked into new stories. The one I finished was a story called The Princess and the Unicorn, and was a bit of a joke for my fellow work study coworkers and myself. It was a book that we had in our office and was one we opened to see what it was about. Much to our surprise it was about fairies, unicorns, princesses, and modern day technology in the form of helicopters and such. I read it more to have a good laugh and see how good it was (which wasn’t great) and so I could pass it on to my coworkers. I did buy a few books today. The Hunger Games which I hear is fantastic! I also bought my first Jodi Picoult book… the first in a while! I bought her first Songs of a Humpback Whale, which should be pretty good! I also bought a devotional written by Eugene Peterson, the author of the Bible translation The Message. I am really looking forward to the devotional! I left some of my other books at home, with my laptop bag, which I will pick up this weekend when I am home for the Tomahawk Twilight Invitational!
Which will probably be why you don’t hear from me next weekend. I will be coming home Thursday night arriving at 7:30 or so. If anyone wants to pick me up that would be wonderful! I will work something out obviously by then! I return back to school on Sunday after a fantastic weekend with the cross country teams of Marysville! A fantastic meet that I am so happy to have been apart of since it’s inception my senior year! The 5th Annual Tomahawk Twilight Invitational is the biggest it’s ever been and it is going to be amazing!
Anyways I hope that I can write to you next week, but if you do not hear from me do not be surprised!
Hope you all have fantastic weeks!


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