What a summer! Here comes the fall!

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Wow, what a summer.

Well I am now back at school having arrived earlier today with my roommate Amanda Weaver. We had a great trip and now we are getting settled back into Cheney life! It was a long trip it took us 7 hours to our normal 4.5-5 hours. Construction on I-90 led to a longer trip. I also forgot my laptop, which my absolutely wonderful mom has shipped out to me and I should have it on Wednesday, until then I will spend time in the computer lab and borrowing my roommates computer!

It has been a while since you heard from me and those whom I haven’t seen this summer must be wondering what I have been up to. When I left you I believe that I was hurt and just getting back into running. I had a few races coming up this past summer that you may or may not know how those turned out for me. I was going to make a trip to San Francisco regardless of the pain in my knee and my ability to run, plane tickets had been purchased and I was not about to let them go to waste.

Let’s back up though, that trip took place at the end of July and there was a lot that happened in June and early July! At the end of the school term my dad came over and drove my other roommate Kylie and myself back over to the West Side of the state. We were able to obtain a bike rack to get my bike back on this side of the state… which was a definite blessing this summer. When I got back to Marysville I headed into the routine that has become my summers, cross country practice, housesitting, and a relative love of Marysville! I believe the text I sent to those whom I communicate with on my way back into or out of town was something like, “Hello Marysville, how I have missed you so.” It’s true I miss this area when I am away for school! So I quickly got my bearings catching up with the cross country coaches, introducing myself to the new way things would be done with two programs (we all still met at the same time in the summer so not much different) and tried to figure out where I needed to be in terms of housesitting this summer!

Now running this summer was different than it has been for me since my Junior track season in high school when I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. I had slowly been building up a one run a week with a friend here at school (we get to run together tomorrow for the first time since June!) and continued to do so. The knee pain wasn’t completely gone though when I ran, even if I were getting longer runs in I was still very stiff and pain wasn’t something that escaped any run. I went into the doctor and was sent to physical therapy. So at the end of June I said good bye to my Seattle Rock and Roll registration passing it on to Duard King who ran splendidly! I moved my focus to getting healthy and getting back to the road. The first session of physical therapy figured out that I had a tight IT Band (a muscle that runs from your hip down the side of your hip connecting just below the knee) it needed stretching, massage, and strengthening. Slowly but surely I made my way back to longer distances. However, the San Francisco Marathon was sneaking up on me and quite honestly I was wary of how it would go.

A couple of weeks prior to the marathon I had begun running with another friend Marissa Schaefer who was training for the Bellingham Half Marathon here in another week (good luck to her!) and I became her training partner for the long runs. When I stepped into her training plan I was slowly building and couldn’t go longer than a few miles without walking or stopping because of tightness or pain, but we worked on it, she was patient and so was I. With physical therapy strengthening my knee and running with Marissa my confidence was returning. So with a week to go before the marathon I set out to run my longest run in a few months, 6.6 miles. Now those friends of mine who run, or are even thinking of running a marathon, DO NOT run a marathon on a long run of that distance. I took off the Friday following this run and made my way to San Francisco.

The trip was great! My friend Michael Thompson and I stayed with another Tomahawk athlete of ours Haley Nemra. She was a fantastic and gracious host, we are completely grateful for her and her roommates for allowing us a place to crash for our week in San Fran. Now those who know me know I have an affinity for this city. Which is why I chose to make it the place I would attempt to run my California marathon, and I knew if I didn’t finish I would come back again to this race and finish what I started. I wouldn’t need to at the end of Sunday, but I would gladly go back and run it again. If you understood that statement correctly you will realize that I did start and finish the San Francisco Marathon without a problem. It was honestly a miracle that I finished and I thank everyone who kept my running and myself in their prayers that day and this summer, I could not have done it without you. There is a lot more about the race and the city of San Francisco that I could talk about, which is why I will direct you to two other blog entries. The first is a report of the race over on my other blog, Nobaching Down. That link will take you directly to my race report, you can access all sorts of other blogs that have been posted this year about my running on that site as well!. The second is actually a blog post that I just put up on this site for the sake of those wanting to know outside of my race. It is actually an email that I sent to one of my bosses here on campus who wished to know what I thought of San Francisco! Update on San Francisco!

After San Francisco I only had a couple of weeks to get ready for the Cross Country Season that was starting! Not that I had to prepare a lot, but I help out where I can! The decision that I would have to make deciding between programs was one that I refused to make. The idea that I was going to just let one school be without my help (not that I am trying to toot my own horn here) was something I did not want. I did spend a little more time at Marysville Pilchuck this last week, but with preparing for a Thursday home meet that both Getchell and Pilchuck would be attending I felt that it was worth it in the end making sure the course was set up and prepared. Both schools have great programs. The Pilchuck squad started small but has progressively gotten bigger with every practice and I am excited to see where the future leads for them! Getchell had the bigger squad the whole time I was around and they are set to have a great year at the 3A level! I will as always miss the coaches (Riechel, Edens, Kesler, Kreiger, and Conley) as I head off to college just as much as I miss the kids that I get to spend my summers and early falls with. One day I look forward to getting to be around a group of kids all through the season and coaching them just as I do now, but for a longer period of time. They really are some of the best people that I know and I am happy that 7 years ago I stepped into the hallway at Pilchuck to turn out for a sport that has so dramatically changed my life! Here’s to all of you guys! Good luck this season and I will continue to pester the coaches (and some of you) to find out how you did. I will always know through how things went for you that day as well!

Wow we are just going on and on are we not? This will probably be the longest update you get all school year! Savor it!

Other things this summer that are worth mentioning… Harry Potter finally came to an end, the 8th movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 came out and I saw it 6 times (I know absurd, but I may be seeing it again tonight)! I celebrated my 22nd birthday a week after I ran the San Francisco Marathon. My brother and sister-in-law celebrated their first anniversary as a married couple! So a huge congratulations to them! I got to meet a wonderful young woman who just left for Haiti this last week to teach music there for two years. She also completed a 169 mile bike ride last weekend, just days before she had to leave. Of course I did my fair share of house sitting at many different places. I did my usual stint at the Bailey’s, took up the Weaver’s (my roommates), picked up a new place out near Lake Goodwin for the Grey’s, and returned to a place I haven’t watched in a while the Hoye’s. I did do a few babysitting jobs as well and got to watch the sweetest little girl this past Friday evening. I hung out at my church for a week for VBS and had a blast doing that! We sure know how to party for VBS, or maybe I am simply just a loud out going person, you be the judge!

Now I head into the school year ahead! I had recently changed my major to Earth and Space Science when we last spoke. I did well in all my classes in the Spring and this fall seems to be setting itself up for a great quarter! With a geology class about the Earth, all sorts of Education classes (I get to enter the ed program!) and one math class I will be well on my way! I will also continue to have the same job working in the library I have the last two years, although it will be under new powers, namely the boss that I have worked for in my tenure, as the boss who owns all the books in it has retired! So I will continue to do what I have always done.

Those who wish to know about my running in the coming months I will be back for the Tomahawk Twilight Invitational (anyone who wishes to pick me up from the airport on Thursday September 29 please let me know!)  and then a week later I will be running in the Spokane Half Marathon! Then I drop down to a couple of 5ks with the possibility of a full marathon at the end of the year on New Years Eve most likely!

Until you hear from me again!



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