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Finally Here!

In Uncategorized on June 5, 2011 at 8:57 pm

Hey everyone!
Well it has finally come! The end of the year! I am 8 days from returning home for the summer. The weather is finally beginning to look like summer and I am ready to head home!
I have begun to slowly pack up for coming home. This year is a bit different than it has been in the past. There is no need to obtain a million boxes from Safeway to pack up everything. There is no need to clear everything from the walls, or pack up the books. No the only thing I really need to do is make sure the clothes are packed up and the essentials for summer are ready to go. I picked through the clothes I have and pulled out my summer shirts. All of them relating to Marysville Pilchuck Cross Country, even though most of these are worn anyways throughout the year, usually mixed with other running type shirts. The summer though is MPXC everyday!
I have made arrangements with my dad to come get me next Sunday. Brian and himself will be coming over after church next week and we will load up and leave Monday morning. So I cannot wait to be home!
School is winding down again. This quarter (filled with Linear Algebra, Oceanography, and Statistics) has been a good one. Another year of trying to decide which route to take has drawn to a close.
As you all know I did decide on an Earth and Space Science major, sticking with a mathematics minor. I finally met with the ed program and will be entering it in the fall, with what looks like 2 years left of my degree to complete. So yes that means a 5 year route to my undergraduate degree.
I must apologize for being so random with these emails this year. They haven’t been as constant or continuous as I know some of you would have liked. My life has been more of a mystery for many of you this year than it has been for many years. I will however try my best in the fall to update on the weekly basis that was a constant in my first two years of school here at Eastern.
An update for those who wish to know about my knee injury. I haven’t had it looked at yet. I will probably have it seen in the next couple of weeks when I am home. It still hurts, but I am slowly getting back to running and will soon start training once again for the summer. I will be bringing my bike home for the summer and be doing a lot of that to help work it back into shape!
For now that is all! I must begin studying for my finals this week! Hope to see many of you this summer!