Bloomsday Update

In Uncategorized on May 9, 2011 at 12:00 am

Well Hello all!
It has been a crazy two weeks since you last heard from me!
I meant to send an update last week after Bloomsday letting you all know how I did and what the weekend had in store for me, but I sadly ran out of time!
Anyways here we are!
Bloomsday was both a sad and happy day for me! Sad in the respect that the training that I did from last years Bloomsday onward was for naught. I am not sure how many had caught the bit in my last update about being injured, but my knee has been out of commission for over a month now. Not that I cannot walk though! So I was able to send my friend Michael Thompson on his way to running a blazing 46:07 for the course, to shatter both his and my PR’s for the 12k race. While I dropped back and was able to enjoy time (now comes the happy portion of my day) with my family! Brian’s in-laws were in town and I got to walk with Stephanie and Kathy Hansen, a friend of theirs connected through our churches former music director Alyssa! I saw Hal and Sarah off to the start of their race and was able to keep pace with Stephanie and Kathy as they at times were lost in the crowd as they ran off! My knee ached a little after the race but all was well for the day.
Since then I have been keeping care of it during the weeks a little ice and more rest have ensued. Hopefully I will be okay soon, to start running again, as San Francisco is only 12 weeks away! My Coeur d’Alene Marathon has been put on hold and I have been allowed to post pone it until next May! Thank you CDA Race organizers!
School and work continue to go well! I had two tests this past week that I believe went well! I will be getting those back on Monday! I also do not believe that I have shared news with you all. I have changed my major from mathematics. I am now an Earth and Space Science Major, with a Mathematics Minor, still with the goal to be endorsed to teach at the high school level. This was the best choice for myself to make. So That is where I stand on that!
Anyways I hope this finds you well! I am only 5 weeks now away from coming home for the summer and cannot wait to see you all!


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