Foot Pain and New Classes!

In Uncategorized on February 27, 2011 at 10:57 pm

Hey All!
Sorry there hasn’t been an update for a couple of weeks! Last weekend and this past week have sort of flown by in the blink of an eye!
The reason I didn’t send one last weekend is because I had a lot of other writing to do! If you recall I had a paper to write on the history of infinity. I spent all of last weekend Friday, Saturday, and Monday, writing the paper and Sunday preparing for a History of Mathematics test. I also wrote a few entries for my other (newer blog blog about running and what I am doing with my running at this moment. I suppose last weekend came at the perfect time for myself as a runner as Friday night I hurt myself (or something in my foot) and when I got up to run Saturday I wasn’t going to be able to. For more information on that I suggest going to Nobaching Down, some very good stuff on there if I say so myself.
This past week was a 3 day week for us at EWU. We had Monday off for President’s day, and also had a snow day because of a foot or so of snow that fell down on Wednesday night. It was the same storm system that pulled through most of your guys’ neck of the woods on Monday and Tuesday. So Thursday we had a day off of school, mainly to get the campus and roads to Cheney cleared. A smart decision by school officials. A test that was supposed to be on Friday was pushed back to tomorrow because of the snow day, so it was good on that account as well, a couple more days of studying! Also one of my tests was canceled all together. Some portions moved to the final test.
Overall things are going well! Nothing else has really been going on, running is still going well, and I was actually able to run without the pain in my foot that hindered me for a half a week yesterday when I went for 8 miles in the very chilly (0 degrees) weather of Cheney. I ran Wednesday as well, but with a little pain, so now I will get back to my typical mileage and get back to the long runs that have become my escape from the realities of life! Also in two weeks I will be able to update you on the St. Paddy’s day 5 miler! Should be exciting!
Those that wish to know about reading, I have done very very little this quarter because of my classes and their demands. Just read Hal Higdon’s Marathon. So other than that I doubt I will get through another book, I am reading a training book with the same title (Marathon) by the same author.
Oh! I signed up for classes this past week! I have made no decision yet as to where exactly my future will lead exactly, still to teaching, but in what form I do not know. I have however set myself up to branch into an Earth Science Major, and a math minor, instead. Next quarter I will be taking Linear Algebra, Elementary Statistics (I think that is the name of the class), and Introduction to Oceanography! So prepare yourselves for those! I am sad to say that I will be unable to take Bloomsday for the 5th Quarter, it has it’s pros and cons to not taking it, but Oceanography got in the way, so oh well!
Anyways! That is all for this week (two weeks)! Talk to you all later!


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