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Foot Pain and New Classes!

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Hey All!
Sorry there hasn’t been an update for a couple of weeks! Last weekend and this past week have sort of flown by in the blink of an eye!
The reason I didn’t send one last weekend is because I had a lot of other writing to do! If you recall I had a paper to write on the history of infinity. I spent all of last weekend Friday, Saturday, and Monday, writing the paper and Sunday preparing for a History of Mathematics test. I also wrote a few entries for my other (newer blog blog about running and what I am doing with my running at this moment. I suppose last weekend came at the perfect time for myself as a runner as Friday night I hurt myself (or something in my foot) and when I got up to run Saturday I wasn’t going to be able to. For more information on that I suggest going to Nobaching Down, some very good stuff on there if I say so myself.
This past week was a 3 day week for us at EWU. We had Monday off for President’s day, and also had a snow day because of a foot or so of snow that fell down on Wednesday night. It was the same storm system that pulled through most of your guys’ neck of the woods on Monday and Tuesday. So Thursday we had a day off of school, mainly to get the campus and roads to Cheney cleared. A smart decision by school officials. A test that was supposed to be on Friday was pushed back to tomorrow because of the snow day, so it was good on that account as well, a couple more days of studying! Also one of my tests was canceled all together. Some portions moved to the final test.
Overall things are going well! Nothing else has really been going on, running is still going well, and I was actually able to run without the pain in my foot that hindered me for a half a week yesterday when I went for 8 miles in the very chilly (0 degrees) weather of Cheney. I ran Wednesday as well, but with a little pain, so now I will get back to my typical mileage and get back to the long runs that have become my escape from the realities of life! Also in two weeks I will be able to update you on the St. Paddy’s day 5 miler! Should be exciting!
Those that wish to know about reading, I have done very very little this quarter because of my classes and their demands. Just read Hal Higdon’s Marathon. So other than that I doubt I will get through another book, I am reading a training book with the same title (Marathon) by the same author.
Oh! I signed up for classes this past week! I have made no decision yet as to where exactly my future will lead exactly, still to teaching, but in what form I do not know. I have however set myself up to branch into an Earth Science Major, and a math minor, instead. Next quarter I will be taking Linear Algebra, Elementary Statistics (I think that is the name of the class), and Introduction to Oceanography! So prepare yourselves for those! I am sad to say that I will be unable to take Bloomsday for the 5th Quarter, it has it’s pros and cons to not taking it, but Oceanography got in the way, so oh well!
Anyways! That is all for this week (two weeks)! Talk to you all later!


No Decision, but a new running blog!

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Well what a week!
We have now drawn fully past the midpoint of the Winter quarter and things continue to go pretty well! I had a couple more tests, and passed a running goal this week!

School wise things are going pretty well, Physics and Intro to Religion both saw tests on Thursday, and both have given me scores back already! Those quick teachers! I did better on both tests than I have on previous tests in the class scoring an 84 on my Physics test, and a mid 40 on my intro to religion test. I know a mid 40 sounds bad, the test was out of 50 points, so a high 80 to low 90 for the out of 100. History of Mathematics will start to heat up with the paper on infinity that I am writing. Should be a doozey of a paper, so be prepared for it to go on forever!
I have had very little time to do much reading since finishing Marathon by Hal Higdon, honestly not picking up another book because of the busyness of my life at the moment! Hopefully things slow down next quarter a bit to do a little more of that pleasure reading that I have become accustomed to for well most of my life.

No decision has yet been made about the path on which my future may lie. I have thought about taking a couple of courses next quarter to just see what the options I have are like and where they might lead me. So keep your eyes posted the next few weeks as I sign up I believe in the next week and a half for courses for Spring Quarter!

Running has begun to take a step in a slightly new direction. I will continue to post blurbs here about my running, however, I have started a new blog to go along with this one. Both are on the wordpress site that I have used for the past two and a half years to store these emails for all of you! is the new site that I have begun to use to chronicle more about my running. It has been updated a few times already (let’s face it I have a little more to say on the running front as compared to the weekly emails I send you all, not that these are not interesting themselves!). If you are curious about the name I suggest checking out yesterday’s posting about the name of the site! The running goal that I mentioned earlier was about hitting the February Mileage from the 2010 year already this year! 12 days in after a 16.7 mile run yesterday, I surpassed 60.7 miles for 61.4 in the month of February this year! So that was quite exciting!

Anyways I hope this finds you well!

Possible Changes and some Visits!

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Well once again it has been two weeks since you have heard from me!
It isn’t that I forget about you, I just pack so much into my weeks that breaks come and I don’t do anything but think about the week ahead and do not take the time to reflect on the week prior, which can sometimes be a good thing!
I have been giving my options more thought as time goes on. I haven’t talked to anyone yet, which I really need to do, and will I am just trying to figure out where I am and what I want right now out of what this life is for me at the moment. The few options that are open to me right now are to continue to struggle through the math program here at Eastern completing a minor in physics along the way. I could also switch my major to Earth Science and take classes such as Oceanography and some other interesting sounding classes, taking a minor in Mathematics and most likely Physics still. A third option that would take me more time to do, is to switch to be an elementary reading major, and probably pick up another minor within elementary stuff, maybe math? And go into Elementary Education and work with younger kids instead of the high school age. Of course all avenues are open to me at this point if I do decide to entirely switch away from mathematics and pick up something else instead.
Making the brief transition from my future options to the rest of my life in the area of college. Classes continue to go fairly decently. Intro to Religion is in the midst of a section on Christianity that is a bit disturbing, the book is a good one, but the point of view comes from a degrading point to the Abrahamic Religions. An eye opener I suppose. Physics is still going well, a different teacher with a better way of explaining things than my last professor did. A harder grader, but a better understanding, I will take the understanding thank you! History of Mathematics is interesting, but at times boring and stale. We shall leave that at that! Bloomsday Conditioning is just a blast! Of course anything with running will be for me!
Which brings us into running! No new race updates for me, other than the usual upcoming stuff in the form of the St. Paddy’s 5 miler, WSU 100k, Bloomsday, CdA Marathon and San Fran Marathon! Maybe a couple of local road races (strawberry festival run) in there as well this summer!
Reading, I finished one book! Marathon by Hal Higdon, although I am sure that will be the only book I finish this quarter as my classes keep my obviously very busy!
Visits! The Sister-in-Law and Stephanie (with possibly a Sarah sighting) are making a stop in here very shortly as they came to see Sarah! So that will be very fun! They will be the first of my family to see the completed apartment Grandma and Pat got to see it when it wasn’t fully set up, it now has a very lived in feel to it! I love it! I also have a friend visiting this weekend to see the school and do a little running around town with me! Meghan will be attending Eastern next fall and also running for the school! She’s excited to visit and meet some of Eastern’s students!
Anyways that is all for this biweekly edition of the Nobach times! I will try and make it a weekly thing again!
P.S. Go Packers!