Classes, Running, Reading, and a Possible Change

In Uncategorized on January 24, 2011 at 2:25 am

Well hello everyone!
After a one week hiatus with the long weekend seeming to fly by last weekend I am back to update you about my life!

Now 3 weeks into the quarter things continue to go well! History of Mathematics continues to drive us through the Babylonians and Egyptians, moving into the Greeks and the ways of their society. Physics has its first test tomorrow and I feel that it will go well! Lab continues to be long and boring and having nothing to do with what I am learning in class… But such is the way that our labs are run here at Eastern. Intro to Religion can now be stated as a walk through of how today’s modern religions (Christianity, Judaism, etc.) got to where they were from the point of one Robert Wright in his book The Evolution of God. It starts walking through animism and moves up through monotheism giving Wright’s views of how societies beliefs in God changed as the societies themselves grew.

Running and Bloomsday Preconditioning (my last class) continue to go well. I went out the past two weekends getting in 15 and 13.5 mile runs in. I also added 50 minutes at the gym after this past Saturday’s run. With the introduction of these long runs I am preparing myself for the two marathons (at least the two on the calendar so far) that I will be running this year. Couer D’Alene and San Francisco in May and July respectively. Other races that I am looking forward to running in the coming months are the St. Paddy’s 5 Miler on March 13th in Spokane which will be run alongside Michael Thompson (accompanying me to San Fran) so that we can qualify for Bloomsday Second Seeding. Bloomsday being another race that is coming up in the next few months on May 1st.

As far as reading goes, I have had very little time to do a lot of reading. The Evolution of God takes up much of my reading time. I also am reading Marathon by Hal Higdon on my Kindle. Which is a pretty good book about a fictitious (Chicago) marathon and a love story that takes place around the marathon between the race director and a new to town reporter. I also recently bought Hal Higdon’s Marathon training book which I plan to do a bit of reading of it when I can!

Another point of interest that you will all be interested in is a possible change of majors for me. Nothing has been totally confirmed yet. I recently spent an hour talking to my undergrad adviser Kathy Cook (She says Hello Wendy!) about what I may be able to go into instead of the math that has been giving me some troubles over the past couple of years. I have not done any more talking to any other advisers so as of now I am still a math major, look for that to possibly change in the next few weeks.

That is all for this week (or two weeks) so I hope that this finds you well! Let me know how things are going with you!


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