National Championship!

In Uncategorized on January 8, 2011 at 11:09 pm

What a Friday! What a first week!
You might be wondering why I may have started with a “Wow” and a mention of Friday. Well in the world of sports it was a very big day yesterday for Eastern Washington University Football! EWU was down in Frisco, Texas this past week to play in the Football Championship Series National Championship against the University of Delaware Blue Hens. I went up to the Pub (one of the campus dining halls) to watch the game on the big screen there. Near the end of the 3rd Quarter the Eagles trailed by 19 points, without having any themselves all game. It was a moot atmosphere, until the last few minutes of the quarter. We then ran rampant through the 4th quarter to have 20 unanswered points to finish the game, with a very excited EWU campus and town of Cheney as the Eagles won the National Championship! The first in school history. It is a great day to be an Eagle!
Anyways, now I am watching the Seahawks as they have now taken the lead in their game, and for all of the Washington Teams that have recently played in big games, we have done well in the eyes of the cynics out there! The first week of classes was this past week, and it was quite a week! I am taking a good set of classes, challenging classes that willl be a lot of fun! Physics, I have both a new lecture instructor, and lab instructor. Both sections went well this past week. History of Mathematics meeting twice a week was also good, I am also at this time in the midst of reading the first chapter of my textbook. Introduction to Religion is also going to be an interesting class, there is not much to say yet as it also is just a two day a week class, so I will get into more of the details for my classes at a later date. My final class is Bloomday Preconditioning which will always go well unless I end up injured. I did however run my time trial 56 seconds faster than a year ago. So that seems like a good thing to me!
Other than that life is going well, my job continues to be good and at times boring.
I will leave you all now to the rest of your days!


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