New Year the First in a While

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Well hello all!
Wow! It has been such a long time since you have heard from me!
The last time my email popped up into your inbox it was before Thanksgiving and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was 4 days away from being released into theaters, and I had a few races on the horizon for running. Now I sit here in the New Year owing you all an explanation for the absence of my emails!

Back in November, just after you had just read my last email, Eastern Washington University decided to do something kind of funny. They switched email providers mid quarter. This did not affect my inbox and outbox emails, stuff that I had sent or received or continued to receive. It did however manage to take hold of my contacts and delete you all from my lists and address book! So I have spent the past few months trying to add you all to this new system and get you organized into lists so as to send this to you! So I apologize for the absence and hopefully I will not go through that long of an absence again (except for summer).

Now onto the stuff that I left you hanging with! Harry Potter was a phenomenal movie, I have seen it… well a number of times now and will not be seeing it again until it comes out on DVD in March! I also got the chance to experience the Harry Potter Exhibition in Seattle and the Pacific Science Center over break with Kaylee and Debbie! And it was amazing!

I have had 3 races since my last email. I ran the Spokane and Seattle Jingle Bells and also the Seattle Half Marathon. All three went well! In Spokane, if you remember I was trying to qualify for Bloomsday Second Seeding. Which I did not qualify for on a very very cold Spokane morning. The Seattle Half Marathon was next on my agenda and I ran it with my friend Duard King. We both finished in around 1:45 so not too bad overall! Seattle Jingle Bell brought a couple of headaches with packet pickup overall, but ended up being a very fun day! Even if the weather was pure rain and continued it’s four year streak of bad weather! As for future runs, I am not registered to run another race until May when I run Bloomsday on the 1st of the month. I will however run a 5 mile race in March to qualify for Bloomsday Second Seeding. I am now officially signed up for two marathons this year, the Coure D’Alene Marathon on May 29th and the San Francisco Marathon on July 31st. Taking two more state off the list!

Seattle Jingle Bell was my first weekend back from school for three full weeks! I got to visit a lot of friends, and also see most of my family in the area! Christmas was a lot of fun and I spent it in many places, Dad’s, Mom’s, the Clark’s and my grandma’s! I continued this past week with my typical job of house sitting and then spent some time with Brian and Becky (and the rest of the Nobach/Clark Clan) at their place down in Seattle on New Year’s Day.

Flying in today from Seattle, I now sit in my apartment and settled in for a new quarter to begin. This quarter I am taking my Bloomsday Class at 7 am Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I will have Introduction to Religion, History of Mathematics, and Physics 2 filling in the rest of my credits!

So I hope that this finds you well and not having missed them too much! I hope you continue to follow me through this journey!
To remember what I have been up to visit my blog.


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