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Here I sit. With the Sunday Night football game on writing this to you.
This past week was pretty uneventful in the life of Brandon, but next week should prove pretty eventful!
This week saw a calculus test, that could have gone better than it did. Linear Algebra, saw some concepts that were from out in left field, but seemingly connect to everything! Physics had two days off, while piano had us playing When the Saints. Something that is becoming more and more obvious to me as I continue this quarter is that all of the concepts I am learning are completely and utterly connected. This should make it a little easier to learn them. The problem with them all being connected is learning in three different styles of teaching, some of which do end up contradicting something else I have already learned, so it is really about seeing through the fog, and sorting out what is true and untrue in what I am being told.
Thursday was Veteran’s day as you all know so a much needed midweek break was given! So how did I spend it? I went for a run, for starters. Then I watched the London Premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1! I must say that I am super excited about this! I watched all of the stars and other people wishing I could just be there to be at the premiere! The movie is going to be so exciting!
Reading, I definitely haven’t had much of a chance to read recently. My schedule just has so much homework being added and with finals coming soon I probably won’t get to finish another book this quarter, sad, but such is the life of a college student.
Running, I will be running a 5k in just under a week next Saturday! I have also recently found out that the race is a Bloomsday Second Seed Qualifier! This is not out of reach for me at the moment and I will surely be trying next week! But if I do not reach this goal I will not be upset as Michael Thompson and I will be running the St. Paddy’s 5 Miler here in Spokane to try and qualify! I would have to run an 18:40 5k next week to qualify, and this is not out of reach for me, last year I ran a 19:10 at this race, with what I assume was less running (my running logs don’t say) and my speed is finally coming back within the last couple of weeks after my marathon. The weather will be the biggest factor next week however. Last year I remember icy conditions even with the best efforts of the race coordinators to salt the course, it was just too cold. So far conditions for next weeks race do not look promising with two days of sub 40 degree runs of 33 and 37 degrees and a run in the snow yesterday. There is no more snow on the ground however, weather reports show snow in the forecast and temperatures not rising much from what they have been. It seems I could be running my first race in the snow in a week! In two weeks I have a half marathon in hopefully warmer weather!
There were other things about which I was going to make mention, however I have forgotten. Thanksgiving break is coming soon and I will be home late on Tuesday evening. It is a packed break because it is so short and I have decided to run the half marathon in Seattle!
Marathon plans, for the future are coming together. As mentioned last week I will be starting a full scale quest to conquer the 50 states. There is no set dates for this to happen mainly because it will all be dependent on when I can travel and what not. However It seems I will be able to conquer California and Idaho next year!
Oh next week will be such a good email look forward to it! A race report, Harry Potter details (do not worry I won’t give anything away), and I am signing up for classes this coming Tuesday!
Anyways I will be off for now!


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