Late Night Report and Meeting a New Friend

In Uncategorized on November 8, 2010 at 5:17 am

Hello again all!
In keeping with the most random schedule of sending these emails to you this year I am here at 9 o clock (or is it 10?) sending this to you!

Daylight Savings is here! Hope you are all on the new time schedule, because my watch still isn’t there and as I type this I will surely forget to set it back one hour! Oh well!

Anyways, this week I had a physics test that went okay, didn’t do as well as I would have hoped for, but the next one will surely be better! The linear algebra test that I had last week came back as an 81% and I was excited about that one! This next week has a Calculus test and continuing in all of my other classes! Piano continues it’s one day a week stride towards teaching the tone deaf person that I am music. For those that have never heard me sing, or watched me sing and try to keep a rhythm, well let’s leave it as “not so pretty” and move on!

Work this past week saw me get a couple of extra hours in helping with the book fair that the Eastern Reading Club puts on quarterly I think or at least biyearly. It was fun, but again work isn’t really as exciting as it was my Freshmen year when I got to hang out with kids in that after school program! Oh well!

I have been asked recently about my roommate situation by a few people and whether or not it is working out and if I like it better than the dorms. Well the dorms are entirely different, I liked the dorms in the sense that I always knew that I could go get dinner whenever and not have to actually cook it, which now I have to cook. This is again one of the areas of life in which I am not so good at, I am getting better (hopefully)! Otherwise the roommates are working out really well! We are all alike on some level and fairly easy going people so we all get along well! Some of you are I am sure glad that I have people around nowadays rather than not having anyone around hardly at like I was last year!

Reading, has been on a down slope as far as getting through books and actually having the time to read. I am currently working my way through Personal Records (which I mentioned a couple of weeks back now) on the Kindle and so far it is an okay book, The chapters definitely bounce from topic to topic so I am not sure how well I will like it. Supposedly a book about running, but the story just hasn’t gotten there fully, and now I am reading a bit about horses, I will get back to you on this! Otherwise my book count is going down, although I may soon be delving into the shelves at my work to pick up a couple of authors that have caught my eye while helping across the hall in the Library Work Study Office!

Running continues to go well, no new races have been entered yet, although I am toying with the idea of signing up for two marathons for next year! I will be runnign either the Windemere Marathon (starts in Idaho and runs to Spokane) ro the CdA Marathon a couple weeks afterwords with a couple of friends. Then I am thinking about running the San Francisco Marathon on July 31st, but am not completely sure about it, as I would like someone to go with me, so we shall see how things work out! Registration for San Fran is the 1st of December! Otherwise the upcoming races that I have are the Spokane Jingle Bell Run in two weeks and in three weeks I will be running the Seattle Half Marathon with Duard King!
Other running related stories is that I got the chance to meet Cami Ostman, the author of Second Wind. The book that I recently finished a few weeks ago! She was really nice! And a blast to talk to! She came to the local book shop where I buy many of my hard copy books when I am at school. I chatted with her a bit before and after she spoke at Aunties, and also met her husband Bill! Both really wonderful people!

Anyways, I think that that is all for this week! Stay tuned the next couple weeks as the quarter is now through halfway and I will be coming home soon a couple of times! Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner! Take care all!


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