Halloween Weekend

In Uncategorized on November 1, 2010 at 3:40 am

This past week wasn’t really an eventful week as I look back on it, I have a hard time thinking of anything that really happened… Super eventful obviously!
Anyways school continues to go well! I am moving through Calc, linear algebra, physics and piano!
I had a linear algebra test this past Friday that I think went fairly well for me! Physics has a test this coming Wednesday that should also go fairly well. Piano continues to be a fun and entertaining class, and I really do enjoy it! Calculus didn’t have any tests this past week, and I am pretty sure that there isn’t one this coming week… it should come the following week… anyways!
Wow, short so far… work continues to be work.. nothing too exciting happening in it!
Running I have not been able to get out as much as I would like to, but I have gotten out the past few days for a run. Friday was a little longer than I have been going typically on Fridays and the past two days were about 4-5 miles. On the topic of running, those emails that you have been receiving for the Seattle Jingle Bell run, today is the last day to sign up for the $25 fee, otherwise it will now be $30 through November! I will be running in Spokane as well as Seattle on the 20th of November.
As we now close the month of November, you will probably be hearing a lot about Harry Potter from me in the next few weeks because on the 19th of November the first part of the seventh book will be released in it’s movie adaptation! I am super excited!
Reading, I finished Cami Ostman’s book Second Wind! It was really good! I really want to run another marathon because of it, and have started thinking about running a marathon on every continent. Although I believe that I would keep this as a secondary goal to something even bigger. I would of course look for opportunities to travel and run marathons on each of the seven continents and if I were to get to all 6 Antarctica would be a must do and would be reached, but I think I will start with trying to do a Marathon in every state! I really want to run the San Fransisco Marathon this coming July, but we shall see about that one.
A special shoutout this week to the Tomahawks who completed their season yesterday! Sadly none of our team made it to next weekend to compete at State, however I am so proud of everyone this past season and am so happy to have once again been able to help coach them this year!
That is all that is coming to mind as I write this t you, as I said not a lot has happened this week! Onto next week!
P.S. I was Harry Potter for Halloween!


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