League Meet and 7 Marathons on 7 Continents

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Well hello all!
It is once again that time of the week where you get to sit back and enjoy everything that I am going to tell you! Whether you find it relative or not! Although most of it is probably going to be relative, because you wouldn’t have asked for these email updates if you did not want to read about how I was doing! So shall we get on with it?
This week has been super long and super tiring. I was sick all week and still have a slight congestion going on in the upper head area, headache, nose stuffed a little, but overall I feel a lot better than I did on Monday when one of my bosses tried to send me home from work (which I didn’t do because I still had class to go to), Tuesday when my other boss actually sent me home from work, and Wednesday when the same thing happened again! But rest assured I did work a total of 4 and a half hours this week! So I am contributing to the Eastern Washington Reading Education Department in some way shape or fashion! And hey I got two paychecks this past week (the first I had to go pick up and didn’t receive a call to do until after I already had it in my possession) and the second came yesterday! Have they been put in the bank yet? Of course not, who do you think I am? Definitely gonna try and go tomorrow, but tomorrow is my long day… although I do live quite close! We shall see!
Anyways, I think I mentioned maybe I would have 3 tests this past week? Well in a sense I did. I had a Calc test on Thursday, which went okay, think I did fairly well on most of it. Physics test was on Wednesday, that went well. I know I missed part of the second problem, but the rest I am fairly confident was right. I didn’t have a test in that Linear Algebra class of mine, but the third so called “test” was a playing test in piano! I played… oh what did I play? Let me grab my book! Ode to Joy! It went pretty well, really don’t get graded for it, as long as you play a Solo in class! So that went well!
I feel like there isn’t a lot that happened this past week otherwise… OH! Running! I got new Vibrams Fivefingers (they are these toe shoes) and I am having some mixed feelings about them. Really do enjoy them, I run faster in them than my other shoes (might be because they are light weight) I haven’t gone more than 3 miles in them, but hopefully they work out! My roommates and I have started what I affectionately call “Roommate Running” which in all reality is we all go for a run at the same time. Amanda and Kylie stay together more than I stay with them for the obvious reason that I am faster. But it’s been fun! Kylie hasn’t done a lot of running since high school, and Weaver (Amanda) goes on occasion still! So it’s just been a good way to keep me out on the roads as well!
Lindsay Pilon came for a quick visit from Montana this weekend. She came Friday and left yesterday early afternoon. It was good to see her! We went to Red Robin and I tried the Mt. Olympus Burger and it was delicious a must try if you like feta cheese!
Reading… I am not sure if it was this past week that I finished a book… The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan I think it was! Anyways great young adult book! Still working my way through the Temple of the Winds (The sword of Truth book), but I have started well a couple more… Bought one on my Kindle Personal Record: A love affair with running. Good so far, but I am not more than two pages in! I also got Second Wind by Cami Ostman! Great book! She is a friend of Linda Vadset’s and she ran a marathon on every continent! I will one day do this just for all of your references!
Oh more on the running front congrats to the Tomahawks! Most finished their seasons yesterday at the League meet in Lakewood! WE have 4 continuing on to the District meet at South Whidbey! Good luck to you guys! I am always cheering you on! Even when I cannot be there!
Anyways! Not too much else to talk about this week! I hope you are all doing well!

Ps Sign up for Jingle Bell Run! (Email coming soon!)


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