Jingle Bells and Some Books

In Uncategorized on October 16, 2010 at 2:23 pm

Ah! The early morning times, I miss them…
I have been up for over two hours now, and I haven’t been able to fall asleep. This time of the morning is so tranquil and peaceful… When I am done here I think I will throw on a layer and head out for a run!
Well… I would say that this week was a pretty uneventful week as far as anything school related goes, and well just in general!
School was just a little tiring, we continue to plug through each of my courses, and to be honest we may have a test in all three of my intensive courses this week, Physics on Wednesday, Linear algebra Friday and Calc on Thursday? Do not quote me on that, but if I am remembering my schedule correctly that would be the week to come! It will be quite a brutal test week if that is so! I wish there were more to say on the front of Piano, it continues to go well! I really do enjoy it, I will by no means be a master of it by the end of this quarter, but hope to at least have some basic skills by the time I am done with the year!
Work continues to go well, it is much the same as last year, helping in the childrens library and Darcy. If you could all keep her in your prayers that would be wonderful, her mom is getting on in years, and she left Thursday to be with her these past few days.
Hmm… well running, I got in some running this past week and am excited about it. Obviously I ran the half marathon that you all heard about the other day, and well I signed up for another one! The Seattle Half Marathon on the 28th of November, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and the day that I would have to return to school! I hope to get a new medal and bib number to add to my wall of fun!
As you are also aware (because of the Jingle Bell Emails you have been getting) I will be running the Seattle Jingle Bell run on December 12! Along with hopefully many of you! See that email for more information!
There is a second Jingle Bell Run in Spokane that I will also be participating in the Saturday before Thanksgiving break! So I will run a 5k then as well! If you want info on that and will be in the area let me know!
Reading this past week, well I started another book! Didn’t finish the last yet, I tend to take breaks from the Sword of Truth Series now and again to clear my head of it and then charge back into it, plus I usually find other reads that hold my attention more and I can get through them faster! The Lost Hero my Rick Riordan is the latest read that I have picked up and it is fantastic so far! Good for Taner perhaps along with the Percy Jackson series!
Some of you may have heard that I was not feeling at all well on Thursday night. Really just kind of crummy, I feel a lot better now, but not at my best! Something with allergies and sinuses going on, I did get some meds though so hopefully those work for me!
Anyways I think I will be off for a run! Take care!


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