Reading returns and Classes begin!

In Uncategorized on September 26, 2010 at 3:51 pm

Well hello again!
Some of you may be thinking, “What have I gotten myself into?” after last weeks email. Let me assure you that not all of my emails are that long and that was easily the longest email that I have ever written to you guys! That’s what I get for having an amazing summer!

Anyways, now I am sitting in a completed apartment, in my room that has my running numbers on the wall, a Harry Potter poster, pictures, Christmas lights, and cross country flagging! I have a bookshelf and a small desk which is wonderful! My roommates are wonderful so far and I know that we are going to have an amazing year!

Classes this week went well! Every day I get to venture into Calculus 3 and Linear Algebra! Calc 3 is just a continuance of what I have faced for the past couple of years in those classes, and linear algebra so far we have covered vectors and matrices! Physics is going well too, need to work on some homework today, but I have that 4 days a week Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, with a Lab on Monday’s (First one tomorrow! Whoo!). Piano is on Tuesdays, but I do not know how that will go as I haven’t had the course yet!

I took care of everything work related this past week and now have a schedule for that (no more than 2 hours at a time because of how my boss’ schedule and mine mesh together) and it is going well. There really won’t be a lot to report from this front as well I don’t do a whole lot. For those who do not know what my job is, I am a Library Assistant, but not in the Eastern Student Library. In the Education department there is a children’s library that is filled with books! I had a class there Freshmen year and fell in love with both the teacher and the library so when I lost my job (well terminated for summer, and the opening did not come back), after freshmen year, I decided to pursue working in the library as a job! Which turned out to be a fantastic idea! I do not however always work in the library I was transferred to another reading education teacher whom I actually work for most of the time doing copies and errands and so on and so forth!

For those that like to be kept updated on my reading (which I realize I left out of last week’s email) I read a bit this summer, not quite as much as I have in the past, but enough to make it worth something! I read the entirety of one book in the Sword of Truth Series, the Stone of Tears, and read a few books on running, Born to Run (fantastic minimalist running book), Duel in the Sun (about the 82 Boston Marathon), and Running with the Buffaloes (book about the Colorado Cross Country team (when they made a run for the national title), also started and nearly finished Blood of the Fold (3rd book in the Sword of Truth Series) and have now added that to my finished books list! Started in on The Temple of the Winds (4th book in that series).

Next week I will be returning home to help with the Tomahawk Twilight Invitational! If anyone would like to help please let us know! Free Tshirts for volunteers, open race at the end of the night so you can run under the lights, we will gladly take any helpers! So as far as my email goes, don’t expect it this early, maybe even Monday!

I will as always keep you updated!


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