Triathlon and coming home plans!

In Uncategorized on May 31, 2010 at 12:25 am

Well well all! Let us get on with the business at hand! My week! So it was fairly uneventful as far as classes went, I had two (well really three) days off from ED Psych this week as my Prof went to a seminar thing to teach on a couple of papers that she had written. The other two days we watched Stand and Deliver, the Calculus movie based on a California school that was doomed for failure, and a teacher took two years and taught his students (whom many believed would fail) Calculus, and you know what? All 19 passed the AP Calc test at the end! TWICE! Anyways, speaking of calc I had a test this week! Which I am pretty sure was owned by the one named Brandon Nobach! I felt really good when I left there, so I think higher than a 90% is on the horizon on this test, and I will have to let you know next week what that score was! Today was my Triathlon, and I ran pretty well! I got 1 hour and 23 minutes and 20 seconds (unofficially) by my watch. About 12:35 for the 500m swim, roughly 45 minutes for the 10 mile bike, followed by a rough 20:40 5k (3.1 miles) run. So it was quite exciting! I am not sure if I ever mentioned my classes for the fall? If I have please bear with me for the next minute! I signed up a couple of weeks back, and placed myself into Calc 3, Linear algebra, and physics (calc based)! So it will be a very heavy load fall quarter, but I believe that I am up for the challenge! Oh and I signed up for a piano class! So I will be learning the fine art of the piano! Anyways! Reading is going well! I finished Again to Carthage, the sequel to Once a Runner, which you may recall I finished back in January sometime! I am now delving into the depths of the Sword of Truth Series and am 200 pages into the first book Wizard’s First Rule and am finding it quite enjoyable, it is the series which Legend of the Seeker was(is) based! Anyways… what else? I will be traveling home soon! I will be home two Thursdays from now, coming by way of the big metal bird in the sky! My dad will be here next week (for work) and will take most of my stuff with him at that point and leave me with a carry on back and a suitcase to check! Then I will climb onto the plane and be home in about an hour and a half after take off! Whoo! Good way to travel (other than our feet of course!). So I think that that is a wrap for this week! Hope to see many of you this summer! Brandon


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