Finished a book and Triathlon on the horizon

In Uncategorized on May 24, 2010 at 2:57 am

Hello All!
I think this will be a short update as not a whole lot has happened this past week that will cause much excitement or talk, it was pretty much another normal week!
We are gearing up for the last two weeks of class before finals week! I have my last test for Ed Psych in my possession as it is a take home one! And I have my third Calc test this coming Friday and will have a clear idea of how well I expect to do in the class (this time there is no doubt that I will pass the class), right now I may be looking a 4.0 in the eyes for this quarter! I am three sessions away from Fast Fitness being a 4.0 and easily have a 4.0 in Bloomsday conditioning and Triathlon Training.
Work this past week was a bit ridiculous as my boss was not there Monday or Tuesday and failed to show up Thursday afternoon, so all in all I worked maybe an hour… but will be getting paid for a full 8 thanks to the boss that submits my time sheets as she told me to just put the hours down anyways, I showed up for work when I was supposed to, my boss just did not.
This weekend was a really good one as far as working out went! I biked over 40 miles on Friday and Today combined, swam for 1850m on Friday evening, and ran for 8.2 miles yesterday morning with a pretty brisk pace!
Also to come in this next week is the Triathlon that the class has been building towards so you will all hear about that next weekend (most likely on Monday).
Reading! I finished a book! Haha I know this is no surprise but I chugged through the rest of the first book of the Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan! Fantastic read for those who enjoy the young adult literature! I know I do! And I am now over halfway through Again to Carthage!
Legend of the Seeker has now come to it’s finale the episode was on today, and I will try and watch in whenever it becomes available on netflix! I also have the first book that the series was based on by Terry Goodkind now so I will start that series soon!
Anyways I will be off for now!


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