Wedding and Mother’s Day

In Uncategorized on May 10, 2010 at 2:11 am

Hello All!
What a week it has been! Filled with a couple of tests, a missed opportunity to make my way home (probably will not make it home this quarter), and well a day (today) of sending mothers all over the world love!
Anyways! My two tests went really well, I am thinking a high B low A on the Calc exam, followed by the same in Ed Psych! Got my second test in ed psych back this week and got a 94? I think that is right! It is at least in the ball park! That means this week will be just a regular week with nothing but education happening! Bloomsday Conditioning is now over, although I am still running with a group of people from the class! Triathlon continues to go well!
My dad was once again in town! He took me to dinner at the Mustard Seed again (chinese place) and we finally got fitted for Brian’s wedding in August! This is now where the missed chance to make it home comes in! I had plenty of ways home two to be exact as Dad and Weaver were leaving Friday for Marysville, but I alas was unable to make it home because I did not have a ride back this way today. I was supposed to make it home for my Uncle Mike’s wedding, but did not! But I am so happy to welcome Valerie officially into the family, even though she has been apart of the family for a great number of years now! I am so sorry to have missed your guys’ special day!
And finally it is mother’s day! So all of you who are mothers know that you are greatly appreciated by me and your families for all that you do for them! And to my mom thank you for all that you do! I love you!


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