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Triathlon and coming home plans!

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Well well all! Let us get on with the business at hand! My week! So it was fairly uneventful as far as classes went, I had two (well really three) days off from ED Psych this week as my Prof went to a seminar thing to teach on a couple of papers that she had written. The other two days we watched Stand and Deliver, the Calculus movie based on a California school that was doomed for failure, and a teacher took two years and taught his students (whom many believed would fail) Calculus, and you know what? All 19 passed the AP Calc test at the end! TWICE! Anyways, speaking of calc I had a test this week! Which I am pretty sure was owned by the one named Brandon Nobach! I felt really good when I left there, so I think higher than a 90% is on the horizon on this test, and I will have to let you know next week what that score was! Today was my Triathlon, and I ran pretty well! I got 1 hour and 23 minutes and 20 seconds (unofficially) by my watch. About 12:35 for the 500m swim, roughly 45 minutes for the 10 mile bike, followed by a rough 20:40 5k (3.1 miles) run. So it was quite exciting! I am not sure if I ever mentioned my classes for the fall? If I have please bear with me for the next minute! I signed up a couple of weeks back, and placed myself into Calc 3, Linear algebra, and physics (calc based)! So it will be a very heavy load fall quarter, but I believe that I am up for the challenge! Oh and I signed up for a piano class! So I will be learning the fine art of the piano! Anyways! Reading is going well! I finished Again to Carthage, the sequel to Once a Runner, which you may recall I finished back in January sometime! I am now delving into the depths of the Sword of Truth Series and am 200 pages into the first book Wizard’s First Rule and am finding it quite enjoyable, it is the series which Legend of the Seeker was(is) based! Anyways… what else? I will be traveling home soon! I will be home two Thursdays from now, coming by way of the big metal bird in the sky! My dad will be here next week (for work) and will take most of my stuff with him at that point and leave me with a carry on back and a suitcase to check! Then I will climb onto the plane and be home in about an hour and a half after take off! Whoo! Good way to travel (other than our feet of course!). So I think that that is a wrap for this week! Hope to see many of you this summer! Brandon


Finished a book and Triathlon on the horizon

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Hello All!
I think this will be a short update as not a whole lot has happened this past week that will cause much excitement or talk, it was pretty much another normal week!
We are gearing up for the last two weeks of class before finals week! I have my last test for Ed Psych in my possession as it is a take home one! And I have my third Calc test this coming Friday and will have a clear idea of how well I expect to do in the class (this time there is no doubt that I will pass the class), right now I may be looking a 4.0 in the eyes for this quarter! I am three sessions away from Fast Fitness being a 4.0 and easily have a 4.0 in Bloomsday conditioning and Triathlon Training.
Work this past week was a bit ridiculous as my boss was not there Monday or Tuesday and failed to show up Thursday afternoon, so all in all I worked maybe an hour… but will be getting paid for a full 8 thanks to the boss that submits my time sheets as she told me to just put the hours down anyways, I showed up for work when I was supposed to, my boss just did not.
This weekend was a really good one as far as working out went! I biked over 40 miles on Friday and Today combined, swam for 1850m on Friday evening, and ran for 8.2 miles yesterday morning with a pretty brisk pace!
Also to come in this next week is the Triathlon that the class has been building towards so you will all hear about that next weekend (most likely on Monday).
Reading! I finished a book! Haha I know this is no surprise but I chugged through the rest of the first book of the Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan! Fantastic read for those who enjoy the young adult literature! I know I do! And I am now over halfway through Again to Carthage!
Legend of the Seeker has now come to it’s finale the episode was on today, and I will try and watch in whenever it becomes available on netflix! I also have the first book that the series was based on by Terry Goodkind now so I will start that series soon!
Anyways I will be off for now!

Legend of the Seeker and 18 miles

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Well all! I am a little late this week! And to be honest I don’t have any reason to be late! I just am! The reason I am late is simply because I have found a new show available on netflix (thank you Blair for allowing me to watch it on your account!) and I watched the whole of the first season Saturday and Sunday. What is this show? The Legend of the Seeker, which is based on the Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind, which I am thinking about getting to read! I found them after an 18 mile run on Saturday! Which was fantastic! Anyways on to this past week! Classes have gone well! I believe last weekend you heard that I had two tests two Fridays past now and are waiting for those results? Well on my Ed psych test I got a 51/50!! Fantastic! Highest in my class! I hoped to keep the luck going with my Calc test, but I was wanting to get it back the same day, too bad I did not get it until two days later… When I found out I got a 95% again the highest grade in the class! So now I am averaging a 92% on my calc tests with one more to go! Along with a final! So all in all math is going well! As I said I ran 18 miles on Saturday and was feeling fantastic! Went at a 7:17 pace average which is only ten seconds slower than I need to be going for the marathon this fall! So I think I am well on my way to qualifying for Boston! Which is something I have neglected to mention last week I signed up for my marathon in Skagit on September 12! It has been a couple of weeks since I mentioned my reading… I bought a kindle not too long ago, and have been reading a book on it. I have also been reading a second book not on it, and am probably halfway through both of them! So I am still reading rest assured! Anyways, I will be off for now! Hope to be on time this next week! Brandon!

Wedding and Mother’s Day

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Hello All!
What a week it has been! Filled with a couple of tests, a missed opportunity to make my way home (probably will not make it home this quarter), and well a day (today) of sending mothers all over the world love!
Anyways! My two tests went really well, I am thinking a high B low A on the Calc exam, followed by the same in Ed Psych! Got my second test in ed psych back this week and got a 94? I think that is right! It is at least in the ball park! That means this week will be just a regular week with nothing but education happening! Bloomsday Conditioning is now over, although I am still running with a group of people from the class! Triathlon continues to go well!
My dad was once again in town! He took me to dinner at the Mustard Seed again (chinese place) and we finally got fitted for Brian’s wedding in August! This is now where the missed chance to make it home comes in! I had plenty of ways home two to be exact as Dad and Weaver were leaving Friday for Marysville, but I alas was unable to make it home because I did not have a ride back this way today. I was supposed to make it home for my Uncle Mike’s wedding, but did not! But I am so happy to welcome Valerie officially into the family, even though she has been apart of the family for a great number of years now! I am so sorry to have missed your guys’ special day!
And finally it is mother’s day! So all of you who are mothers know that you are greatly appreciated by me and your families for all that you do for them! And to my mom thank you for all that you do! I love you!

Bloomsday #2

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Welcome one and all to the special Bloomsday Edition of the Brandon Nobach Inquirer!
So really this weekly newsletter doesn’t have a specific name I think it has been called many things in the past two years or so, so no big deal! Anyways! We are off!
Well this week really didn’t have a lot in store for it as far as education goes, mainly I just had class, nothing exciting with tests or quizzes (although that is not true I had a take home test and one quiz in ED Psych, and do not know how I did thus far) or anything of that sort! Bloomsday conditioning winded down and we will have our last meeting tomorrow (as today was the BIG DAY) and Tri-Training saw a mock transition clinic(which needs to get better on my part, although when it comes to the running portion I end up killing).
Reading! I finished the Book of Awesome as promised! Things such as all the socks matching after doing the laundry, remembering those who have passed away, and the smell of rain are on the list of Awesome things! And again these are the little things that we take for granted in our lives, if you are looking for a book to read I strongly recommend picking it up (by Neil Pasricha) and learning his take on all of these things!
You want to know something else that is Awesome!!?!?!?!? Bloomsday. Plain and simple it is easily one of the best races that I have ever run and the two times I have run it are near the top of my favorite races. So let us rewind to how this weekend came to be this year! For starters I was enrolled in Bloomsday Pre-conditioning last quarter and had a blast! The group of people that were in that class at 7 am Winter Quarter are easily a tight knit group of people and some of the funnest runners I have ever met. Something about being out in the cold of an Eastern Washington winter has a way of bonding you, no matter your ability level! I then again enrolled in Bloomsday Conditioning this quarter and the bond is there becuase the bond is there for all runners tormenting themselves in the conquest for better achievement or simply achievement for everyone has success no matter if they are the Elite Kenyans or the mom pushing the stroller through the 12k course and is the last one to cross the finish line, they are all winners in my book and everyone from both of my past two classes finished between those two runners, so these runners are indeed winners. Yesterday I led a group of people (led is not really the term because we all really knew what we were doing, but I suppose I was looked to as the “captain” of sorts for my winter class and thus deemed the leader of this band of runners) down to the Spokane Convention Center for packet pickup. Now last year I did not get to walk through the booths or anything so this year was definitely a different experience, I was there from about 1030 in the morning where I hung out with my group walking around on our own and also together. We then went to lunch which one of the girls that I was with her mom was here and she was very nice and courteous and paid for our lunch which was above and beyond anything that was asked of her and I thanked her deeply for it! I then parted ways with them to wait for one of my four cross country captains Michael Thompson who was on his way from Marysville to pick up his packet. He was recently injured (this plays an important part in today’s story) while running 100k at WSU so he was resorted to walking the 12k here at Bloomsday nonetheless I met up with him! If you are doing the math here I got here at 1030 in the morning, had lunch and waited for Michael I ended up catching the 420 bus back to Cheney for a good nights sleep before the big day.
Now race day was fantastic! Anyone who is friends with me on Facebook knows a bit about my time and day, but I will lay it out for all of you and sort of how it panned out. Well having gone to bed at around 7:30 the night before I woke up bright and early at 5 for a nice hearty breakfast of oatmeal, pineapple, water, and yogurt. Great breakfast. I hopped on the 630 bus to get to Spokane and waited on the starting line for my race just after 9 (two hours of waiting) Michael met me on the line and took my sweatshirt and other stuff to hold for me. Anyways I was off while he dropped back to start in a later heat. I started off this 7.46 mile race in two 6 minute miles, followed by two at a nice clip of 6minutes 30 seconds, the next mile has what is known as Doomsday Hill, so this mile was 7 minutes, I then rounded out the race with a couple of roughly 6 minute 30 second miles and a half mile at about 3 minutes to round out the race! I finished in an unofficial time of 48 minutes and 11 seconds, unofficial because it was my watch time not the race time. Anyways I then proceeded through the finish area picked up my shirt and headed back to the start line where I made my way two and a half miles back onto the course to catch up with Mr Michael Thompson and finished walking the race with him! Such a good day! And it really was great catching up with Michael.
Anyways this is the Bloomsday Edition! Hope you all enjoyed it!

Long Run and Awesome!

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Hey All! Getting to you kind of late in the day sorry about that! This weekend has been pretty good! Hung out with Jeremy on Friday night watched Troy fantastic movie! And caught up with another friend that I haven’t seen all quarter last night so it was good! Anyways this week went by pretty fast! I didn’t have my Ed Psych class all week due to family emergencies in Virgina… so I hope everything is fine with all of that… my prof will be back tomorrow and we will be back on schedule! Math went well I got that test back that I talked about last week got an 89% on it so that was good to hear! Each test is worht 20% of my overall final grade as there are only three of them for this math course, and then the final is worth 25% at the end and then the rest is taken care of with homework that I have only missed a half a point on so far! Bloomsday conditioning and Triathlon training are going well! Getting lots of work in! Have to hand in a midterm training guide for my Tri class tomorrow it looks good! Also paying for my triathlon tomorrow in class as well! Bloomsday is next week so expect another late email next week letting you know how I think I did roughly! I won’t know exactly how I did for a couple of days so I am hoping two weeks from now I will be able to give you a better idea of my placing and an exact time! I did get a nice long run in yesterday 10.1 miles and if felt great! I have a harder time running here than I do in Marysville so breaking the 8 mile mark here (my previous long) was a fantastic feeling! Books… I am now reading The Book of Awesome, which is very good! It is a bunch of short passages really about all these things in life that we take for granted, like all the socks matching after the laundry, getting a lot of green lights in a row, bakery air, etc. So good! I am halfway through it now so should finish quite easily this week! I will give you a few more next week so you can get the idea! I also finished Dear John this past week and really enjoyed it! Anyways I think that is all for now! I hope you are all doing well! Brandon