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Sheela came to visit (and lots of parenthetical use)!

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Well hello all! I have had a great week and weekend and I hope all of you have to! This week was really a blur, it wasn’t a fast week, just a slow week that blended all of its days together! I got my test back from last Friday and did pretty well on it! I think a B+ but I cannot remember the exact grade (this was in Ed Psych). Had a test in Calc on Friday that I am pretty sure went really well, so I will let you know when I get that back (probably Wednesday is when I will get it the prof was out of town the day of test). This coming week doesn’t have too much happening as far as tests or anything is concerned (I was supposed to have my second ed psych class but the prof has a family emergency in Virginia and class is cancelled for at least the next two days). Calc should bring just some more math work delving into the deeper realms of integration! Work was work, actually had a couple of days where my boss was gone doing something else, so I either got to leave early or did some work in my office by myself so not too bad! Sheela came over for Relay for Life at Whitworth this weekend. She walked 13 miles and I walked 10 and ran 8 (by the way triathlon training and bloomsday conditioning continue to go well)! So it was a good day all in all! Sheela and I then went to see the Last Song and had lunch at El Rodeo before calling it an early night and crashing! She left this morning for Marysville! As far as reading went I finishe the Perfect Mile which was fantastic! And have started Dear John! Only a few pages into it so far though! Anyways I hope all is well with you! Brandon


Short this week!

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Well hello all!

It has been a wonderful week, without too much to tell, so I expect this to be rather short.

School is going well, I had my first test in Ed Psych on Friday so I will probably know in the middle of the week how I did, I think I did pretty well. Math continues to go fairly well, as we delve deeper into the realms of Calculus, and again this is a class that I am now on my third time taking, we will see how it goes this first part of quarter. My athletic classes go well, I continue to run well, and also getting mroe of a hang in swimming we are on the bikes on the road for the first time tomorrow! Should be good!

Work continues to go well I believe in a roundabout way I was asked to stay on for my boss for the next couple of years until I am completely done with my education here on Eastern’s campus! So that is a relief that I will at least have a job until I leave and as long as I have work study money to be given to me.

I have spent a great deal of time with Jeremy and Diane this past week as Jeremy is in my Triathlon class so it makes sense last night Diane had a girls night and Jeremy had a bit of a guys night played Halo for a couple of hours haha.

As far as reading I am about halfway through The Perfect Mile. I find I am not getting as much of a chance to read as I did last quarter with my schedule spread out throughout the day as it is. Quite terrible really, but I guess I will live with it.

As I said short today! I will be off I hope you all have a good week!



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Well, I am sorry once again, I sit here at 8 o clock on a Monday evening and I am sure you are all just sitting on your emails refreshing the page wondering where in the world the update from Brandon Nobach is. Well I admit I am just a little bit late this week. I should have written it Saturday, when I really didn’t do a whole lot… But then I just let time pass as I finished Jodi Picoults latest novel, House Rules, which is about an Autistic kid (he has Aspergers) and he is on trial for the murder of his tutor. Very good read. Anyways Easter Sunday was good! I didn’t manage to make it to church (my ride overslept 😦 ) although I did listen to three Mountain View Sermons including Pastor John’s Sermon from last Easter! It was quite fun. I then proceeded to my math friend Evans house, and it was wonderful! I got to meet the professors that he lives with (one is a math prof that I will probably end up having at some point) and his wife teaches something in the History department I believe, so I probably will not have her. It was wonderful and I got to meet a few of his friends and actually a guy named Nelson who is in my Math class this quarter so you will all probably hear a little about him as the quarter progresses! Anyways Classes have gone well this first week. The pool workouts for triathlon training have killed me while I of course soared through the running workouts that were handed down to us in both triathlon training class and Bloomsday conditioning. Calc 2 seems to be going pretty well Nelson and I compared answers to the first problem set that will be handed in tomorrow and it seems it is going well. Ed Psych is going well the teacher is very enthusiatic about the class so it makes it that much better to be there! I finally got a work schedule that was set in stone this week. It is going well so far my days are long but itll be worth it. My dad was here this past week and we hung out a couple times he took me to the store one day to get some food, and also a new phone as the Super Phone was on its final leg and dying. I was sad to see it go after surviving 4 days in the snow and sill working more than a year later, but nevertheless I retained my red phone option so it still matches everything I wear. Anyways this has been a good email I think! If you have any questions let me know and I will answer them! Brandon