Spring Break, Grades and a New quarter!

In Uncategorized on March 30, 2010 at 11:06 pm

Well everyone we are back at it!
I was meaning to send this Sunday night or yesterday evening, but time got away from me with preparations for this quarter! I had a wonderful two week spring break which really consisted of a lot of running! I ran with my friend Matt Ekdahl to get him back into shape to at least run a few times at the UW. I ran 14.5 miles in celebration of Tory Klementsen’s birthday! And I got numerous miles with the track team while I was back! I ventured to their sole meet that they had, and watched them compete along with my little sister Felecia who is throwing varsity this year for the team! I expect to be kept updated on EVERYONE’s progress this year… however you know me, I have my ways of knowing exactly how you do soon after you compete! If you are wondering exactly how many miles I logged in my time home I logged 100 miles in 11 days of straight running! It was so much fun to pound away at the streets and trails of my hometown!
Last quarters grades also became available and I am sure a few of you saw them on Facebook! I received a 4.0 in Bloomsday (who would have guessed differently) a 3.9 in my english class nailing those two papers (I will let you know in two emails time how exactly I did on those), and from my math class I pulled a 3.5 out! It was a fantastic quarter!
Now we move onto the classes of this one! I have Educational Psychology (Ed Psyc from here on out) which the first two days have gone well! Calc 2 is on the agenda this quarter and will be quite an adventure although I did end up getting the best teacher we have on campus for it, so hopefully we will pull through! And then I have a plethora of fitness classes including (you guessed it) Bloomsday, along with a Triathalon class (that against my fighting it I will be competing in a triathalon come May 30), and fast fitness to get a couple more credits! Look forward to those for the next 10 weeks!
Work I have finally pieced together a rough schedule that I happened to forget this morning on my desk! Good thing I am returning this afternoon for a couple of hours! And it will continue to be work!
So thats all for this week look for another email this weekend! I tried to see as many of you as possible over break! I am sorry if I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with you! There is a bigger break just around the corner and I will be sure to come by those places I missed!
Take care!


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