Finals Finals Finals and Coming Home!

In Uncategorized on March 15, 2010 at 2:55 pm

What a weekend it has been!
I don’t know if I told you last week that this past week was going to be a fast blue or not with quite a bit of work coming my way! But it was and this weekend took the brunt of the all that work!
I have now recieved 4 of 5 parts (parts 1, 2, 3, and 5 don’t ask me where 4 is) of my math final exam and have finished those in top quality! I really have enjoyed the take home final as I have been able to collaborate with a newly made friend of the quarter who is from Kenya, and also feel as though the final is going really well, which is a good thing because my final test that happend on Friday, well let’s just say that that didn’t go very well and I do not want to get that back today. English has had a storm of papers coming at me! I have two papers due this coming Friday, however, I wanted to finish them by Tuesday because what is the use in staying here any longer than I must? Exactly my point. So I finished up a 12 page Rhetorical Analysis and 9 Page Argumentative Research Paper both on Plantar Fasciitis this weekend!
My weekend however was not filled with simply papers and a math final as I know how to take breaks and take them well! I went and saw the final show of Romeo and Juliet on campus (a good 3 hour break before bed time and after a long day of working on my Rhetorical analysis) and yes it was the second time I saw it, it was fabulous this time as well! On Friday whilst working on my math final problem number 5 I was with a couple of people from class my friend Evans (the man from Kenya) and Connie another lady that I do not know too well, however, we went to lunch on Campus right after working for a couple of hours on the problem that definitely will stump a lot of people, but thanks to the internet we think we have come to the right conclusions! I woke up yesterday morning and did a little more work on my reserached argument that was around 6 1/2 pages yesterday morning, and took a trip into Spokane with the help of my friend Amanda Weaver and I ran a 5 mile race to try and qualify for Bloomsday Second Seeding, I needed to run it in under 31 minutes (quite a feet for the 5 mile distance) and ended up just a minute short, so I will be considering running a 5k next month to try and qualify for it again and it will be easier I think to hit the 18:40 5k (3.1 mile) mark.
I had quite the accomplished weekend, however, was late in getting to you all this week! I am sorry about that, I was working on everything until 7:30 last night as I hung out with Jeremy for a bit between the research paper and math yesterday!
Reading, well I didn’t finish a book this week but am less than 60 pages from finishing the lsat Percy Jackson book! I will finish that up either today or tomorrow most likely depending on the length of my final Math problem!
I am going to be coming home Tuesday evening and will be back in Marysville by 7 o clock (give or take a little bit) I am so excited to be coming back to the west side and hope to see many of you!


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