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Spring Break, Grades and a New quarter!

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Well everyone we are back at it!
I was meaning to send this Sunday night or yesterday evening, but time got away from me with preparations for this quarter! I had a wonderful two week spring break which really consisted of a lot of running! I ran with my friend Matt Ekdahl to get him back into shape to at least run a few times at the UW. I ran 14.5 miles in celebration of Tory Klementsen’s birthday! And I got numerous miles with the track team while I was back! I ventured to their sole meet that they had, and watched them compete along with my little sister Felecia who is throwing varsity this year for the team! I expect to be kept updated on EVERYONE’s progress this year… however you know me, I have my ways of knowing exactly how you do soon after you compete! If you are wondering exactly how many miles I logged in my time home I logged 100 miles in 11 days of straight running! It was so much fun to pound away at the streets and trails of my hometown!
Last quarters grades also became available and I am sure a few of you saw them on Facebook! I received a 4.0 in Bloomsday (who would have guessed differently) a 3.9 in my english class nailing those two papers (I will let you know in two emails time how exactly I did on those), and from my math class I pulled a 3.5 out! It was a fantastic quarter!
Now we move onto the classes of this one! I have Educational Psychology (Ed Psyc from here on out) which the first two days have gone well! Calc 2 is on the agenda this quarter and will be quite an adventure although I did end up getting the best teacher we have on campus for it, so hopefully we will pull through! And then I have a plethora of fitness classes including (you guessed it) Bloomsday, along with a Triathalon class (that against my fighting it I will be competing in a triathalon come May 30), and fast fitness to get a couple more credits! Look forward to those for the next 10 weeks!
Work I have finally pieced together a rough schedule that I happened to forget this morning on my desk! Good thing I am returning this afternoon for a couple of hours! And it will continue to be work!
So thats all for this week look for another email this weekend! I tried to see as many of you as possible over break! I am sorry if I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with you! There is a bigger break just around the corner and I will be sure to come by those places I missed!
Take care!


Finals Finals Finals and Coming Home!

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What a weekend it has been!
I don’t know if I told you last week that this past week was going to be a fast blue or not with quite a bit of work coming my way! But it was and this weekend took the brunt of the all that work!
I have now recieved 4 of 5 parts (parts 1, 2, 3, and 5 don’t ask me where 4 is) of my math final exam and have finished those in top quality! I really have enjoyed the take home final as I have been able to collaborate with a newly made friend of the quarter who is from Kenya, and also feel as though the final is going really well, which is a good thing because my final test that happend on Friday, well let’s just say that that didn’t go very well and I do not want to get that back today. English has had a storm of papers coming at me! I have two papers due this coming Friday, however, I wanted to finish them by Tuesday because what is the use in staying here any longer than I must? Exactly my point. So I finished up a 12 page Rhetorical Analysis and 9 Page Argumentative Research Paper both on Plantar Fasciitis this weekend!
My weekend however was not filled with simply papers and a math final as I know how to take breaks and take them well! I went and saw the final show of Romeo and Juliet on campus (a good 3 hour break before bed time and after a long day of working on my Rhetorical analysis) and yes it was the second time I saw it, it was fabulous this time as well! On Friday whilst working on my math final problem number 5 I was with a couple of people from class my friend Evans (the man from Kenya) and Connie another lady that I do not know too well, however, we went to lunch on Campus right after working for a couple of hours on the problem that definitely will stump a lot of people, but thanks to the internet we think we have come to the right conclusions! I woke up yesterday morning and did a little more work on my reserached argument that was around 6 1/2 pages yesterday morning, and took a trip into Spokane with the help of my friend Amanda Weaver and I ran a 5 mile race to try and qualify for Bloomsday Second Seeding, I needed to run it in under 31 minutes (quite a feet for the 5 mile distance) and ended up just a minute short, so I will be considering running a 5k next month to try and qualify for it again and it will be easier I think to hit the 18:40 5k (3.1 mile) mark.
I had quite the accomplished weekend, however, was late in getting to you all this week! I am sorry about that, I was working on everything until 7:30 last night as I hung out with Jeremy for a bit between the research paper and math yesterday!
Reading, well I didn’t finish a book this week but am less than 60 pages from finishing the lsat Percy Jackson book! I will finish that up either today or tomorrow most likely depending on the length of my final Math problem!
I am going to be coming home Tuesday evening and will be back in Marysville by 7 o clock (give or take a little bit) I am so excited to be coming back to the west side and hope to see many of you!

Short and Sweet (Until the End)

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Well hello there! I am a little later than usual, with no excuses for you! I am just late! This week was sort of a blur so this may be a short update… See I’ve been sick and so I definitely got more sleep than I already do usually, and I watched a lot of Harry Potter this week (all six movies if youre wondering how much) and I actually got back to reading! Which was great! ANyways Shall we delve into this past week? School went well, running is obviously going to have gone well all quarter without too many bumps along the way! Anyways, English went well turned in a paper digitally on Friday evening, and will hand in a hard copy tomorrow sometime! Math continues to go well through the end. We have a take home final (that I am so excited for) coming in pieces over the next week or so before our final class day. Should be good! At the mention of finals you may be wondering when I will be heading back to Marysville! I will be coming back as soon as possible. With my math final being take home I do not have a sit down class final. However I do have a research paper to write, that I hope to finish within this week so that it is finished and I can hand it in! So I will try and get back on Tuesday or Wednesday of NEXT week, hopefully. Ah yeah short this week, I have mentioned I got back to reading this week in my sickness. I mentioned last week I had been struggling through my latest book Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult. Now don’t get me wrong it was a really good book by her, definitely a different style for her, so it was a good change I just was so busy with everything I had a hard time reading and diving into the book like We all know I can do. Anyways, over the course of the past week I have finished 3 books, thats right THREE books. I know quite a lot, right? If you cnosider that I was only about 100 pages from finishing Picture Perfect last week, and that the other two books I read were about 300 pages a piece, yes it was quite a bit. However, the two other books I read were Percy Jackson and the Olympians, books 2 and 3. So they were well under my typical reading level and were much needed in a quick read! Anyways I will be starting the 4th Percy Jackson book (I wish I had the 5th, but it is not available in paperback yet, I may consider buying the hardback book next quarter, but we will see). I also have Harvesting the Heart by Jodi Picoult and The Perfect Mile on the shelf to be read! I will get to those, however that is about it I must replenish my books over break! Well that is all for now! I hope to see many of you soon! Brandon