Next Quarter!

In Uncategorized on February 28, 2010 at 7:37 pm

Well well well!
Here I sit writing to you with only two weeks of class left before finals week! It has been such a fast paced quarter I feel like I just got back from winter break and what a quarter it has been!
Well this week was one that would prove both challenging and well adventurous. Work was crazy as I worked 10.5 hours this week when I am only supposed to work 8 in a week… its okay i was a little behind (but not much) on my hours I now think that I am ahead of hours which means I won’t be working much finals week which could be good as I am trying to get home as soon as possible!
Anyways I believe I told you about a math test last week? Well we had that Thursday and you would think at how slow he is to get things back to us that I wouldn’t have gotten it back by Friday but I did! And I felt great about the test I ended up with a 91 on the test and an average of 88 on my first three tests! We have one more on the 8th of March!
English is going fairly well, a lot of work coming in the next two weeks. We have a couple of longer papers to turn in over the course the rest of the quarter and they will be fairly in depth papers. We gave our logical fallacies project presentation on Tuesday, it went fairly well and I am glad that it is over!
Reading! Ah I have not had as much chance to read over the last couple of weeks ive finished only 9 books and am halfway through a 10th at the end of 10 weeks! I know this sounds like I am sad about that, which I am cause I was trying to break my record of 11 if I can get through the book I am reading now it is possible that I might get to 12 as I have three easy reads waiting for me!
I signed up for classes for next quarter and my schedule is a killer one, which may or may not be a good thing. I have Calc 2 again and hopefully this time we can get through and pass it, if it does give me any grief I will look at changing my major to something else (possibly history). Also I have an educational psychology class at 8 (math is at 10). Bloomsday Conditioning is at noon. Also, I have signed up for Triathalon training class which I do not plan on doing a triathalon, but it will be good to keep up my workouts, as well as fast fitness which I may drop if I can get a work schedule into my already crazy schedule! This is just a preview about what you will hear from me next quarter!
Anyways I hope this finds you well! Until next week!


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