Monday’s Math Test and 2 Books More

In Uncategorized on January 30, 2010 at 4:55 pm

Well hello all!
This week was a fabulous one! We had a bit of snow here on Monday that was washed away by the afternoon and thats really all the snow that we have had since I have been back over here!
Let us see let us see… Classes! Classes went well this week Bloomsday class is when the snow hit so I was running hills when the snow started coming down! Wednesday was a very icy day so my pace was slowed a bit from that! Friday we played Ultimate Frisbee where I might have slightly tweaked my knee but there has been no pain this morning so I will go for a light run later today! English has been quite easy this week as we have had very little to do. My teacher got a concussion this past weekend, long story, but he is fine and we are getting back on track for the class! Math now you all must be wondering how that math test went this past Monday… Well, I got it back yesterday. Now see math is where I have struggled the past quarter or two, and you all heard about the problems I had with this teacher last quarter and also the beginning of this quarter. His teaching has gotten markedly better. This week however, we had a slight confrontation when he got totally lost in class and didn’t understand where our questions were coming from. So, after class I wrote up the proof of what we were doing and how I thought it should look… and well I happened to be right! So we went over it again on Friday and what not to make sure everyone understood what had happened the previous day! Anyways that test I mentioned (don’t you like the way I mention it then leave you hanging for a minute as you continue reading?). The test was returned yesterday and I got the best score of the class 100%! It was great! Anyways that is all on the math front.
Work continues to be work I am sad that I cannot tell you anything about work this year without boring you with the simple tasks that I do. Just know that it continues to go well!
Running is going well! I did want to try and run for the whole week not missing a day but I missed Thursday cause Thursdays are just long days for me, and then I didn’t get a real run in yesterday cause I was worried about the knee. So I will get in a run today if I think its okay!
Reading ah yes, I finished two books this week (I know two its great!) that brings my total up to 5 books for the first 4 weeks and I am about 30 pages into the next book Mercy by Jodi Picoult. For those that wish to know the two books that I finished were Erak’s Ransom by John Flanagan the 7th book in a series that I read, and Crocodile Tears by Anthony Horowitz the final book in a series that I read.
Anyways! I miss and love you all! I don’t know if or when I will make it back this quarter for a visit in Marysville! Possibly in February, but maybe not! I hope you all have wonderful weeks!


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