Boston Marathon Perhaps?

In Uncategorized on January 18, 2010 at 9:13 pm

Well I am a little late this week!
This week ah its been a blur! I sit here on Martin Luther King Jr. Day and think its been a lazy day! I don’t have school or work because of the holiday, and yet I have done a bit of homework today.
This week there is not a whole lot of excitement to tell about. I continue to move along in my courses English is bringing about the start of our very long research paper and the research behin that. I am thinking of doing a topic covering Plantar Fasciitis, which we all know I have a personal connection to (I was diagnosed with it my junior year of high school). For those that do not know it is a heel pain (often called spur) that has sharp pain in the heel region of the foot cause by microtears/rips in the plantar fascia a tendon that runs along the bottom of your foot. It is most common in runners but has been known to sprout up in other sports as well.
Math my teacher has shown up more and more he was early a few times this past week only missing Monday’s course, but of course he had a sent another teacher to perform his duties. All is well on the math front. Bloomsday Preconditioning is of course going well. I am loving every minute of the course and cannot wait for Bloomsday to come along!
I have decided that I want to try and qualify for Boston, with really the sole purpose seeing if I can do it. I do not know yet if I would be taking up the challenge to actually run it should I qualify for the marathon, but I do not see a reason why I shouldn’t run in it if I qualify. I have to run my marathon this September in 3 hours 10 minutes and 59 seconds or faster to qualify in my age range so let us see what it brings this summer and fall!
Everything on the roommate front continues to go fairly well. I see him on average once a day and he never stays the night. Haven’t seen him yet today but the chances are he will soon be here! He’s a very nice guy which is all that really needs to be said I suppose. I am actually looking into right now moving out next year into a house with a few friends, but nothing set in stone so more on that later! Neighborly issues still continue to be a problem, it was a quiet dorm, but now its loud on one side with music just blasting all day long so loud in fact that he cannot hear his friends knocking when they come to see him, shame.
Anyways I will be off for now! I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday!


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