Cheney again and Winter Quarter

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Hello All! Well we all sit here reading the latest up date in the life of Brandon Nobach, and you are wondering what has he been up to in the near month since he last sent us a message to tell us about his wonderful life? Well let me tell you! I was home for break for much of December and had a fabulous time there! There was no snow in Marysville, so I was able to get runs in without the worry of falling down on the slick ice, that was in all honesty there the couple times I ran at 6 in the morning. However, a much needed break was brought about in the end of the year month and it was quite relaxing. I did get to do a couple of road races whilst home. As you know I ran in the Jingle Bell Run in Seattle heading a team of 31 people and organizing them all to have a great day to support the Arthritis Foundation and get a little run in while we were at it! The following week I ventured to Kirkland (I think) to run in the 12ks of Christmas, a 7.46 mile road race. That was a fun adventure as well, and good planning for where I am headed in the near future in my racing life, more on this subject in a bit. I got to spend a wonderful evening in Seattle not much later with my Grandma as we went to the Nutcracker on a very wet Washington Evening. We made it to and fro without a problem and had a wonderful time catching up and talking with each other, not to mention seeing a great ballet! I also spent much of my break housesitting. It is probably one of my favorite jobs while home! Let us see.. Christmas was good! Spent time everywhere! With all of my family! It was good to see all of you! Then we closed our break rather uneventfully with nothing really dazzling to tell about New Years as I was asleep before midnight and only woken to celebrate the last 15 minutes of 2009 and the first 8 minutes of 2010 before being taken to the house I was at at the time. Then back to school which has brought many changes. As some of you know and have heard this story I will retell it for those who have not heard it yet. My roommate, Cj, has moved out of the dorms to live in Montana with his girlfriend and her family. He is taking online classes through Eastern still, but will finish his education online and from there for the remainder of it! Which would leave me with an empty room correct? WRONG! I was surprised to come back from work this past Monday to find a young man who graduated the same year as myself and his girlfriend unpacking some of his stuff. They were actually about to leave when I got back (I had been gone most of the day) and said he would see me tomorrow. Now you must understand that I was not prepared to get a roommate the first day back. I had taken my stuff and organized it to the best of my ability to have it out of MY way. Not someone elses way. So I felt extremely bad for having taken up most of the other desk, and used one the closet to store extra things and also one of his drawers to put my running clothes in. Well I quickly righted my wrongs and moved the room back to normal, separating the beds (which had been pushed together), moving the tv back to the opposite side of the room clearing the closet and drawers of my stuff and buying a bookshelf to clear of the desk (because that was where my library of books had taken refuge). Now the room looks like two people live in it, and yet I am still the only one who has slept in this area for many months. He is rarely around and probably will rarely be around for the remainder of the year (or quarter who knows really). This doesn’t upset me in the slightest seeing as I was in much the same situation last quarter (Cj do not feel bad about that because I know you might be reading this honestly it was fine) and am perfectly content to living on my own. As far as the first week of school goes it went well sort of well. Some of you also know the story that I have had to drop out of my originally planned Calc 3 class as I was unable to pass Calc 2 with a sufficient grade as to move on, and was unable to get into a Calc 2 class as they were full. I am still in English 201 which is okay a lot of work this weekend which I have been working on this morning, and I am also in Math 225, or Foundations of Mathematics for those who remember me taking this course last quarter and having to drop out of it. Now this week has brought forth a lot of grief in the area of Foundations. It is a 5 day a week class with each session being 50 minutes long, doing the math in one week we will have had 250 minutes of instruction. My professor was absent on Tuesday, so 50 minutes gone. On Thursday he was 21 minutes late, so 71 minutes in a week so far, and on Friday he failed to show for the second class session that week bringing us to a total of 121 minutes missed of the 250 total we had for the week. That is half of the week folks, and totally unacceptable in my book. I have written him an email stating so and am awaiting his reply. My next step will obviously be to bring it to the department heads attention. I also sat down with Kathy Cook, my former Undergraduate Advisor, and talked with her at length about what I am doing here in college and also what I should be doing. Obviously with the not proceeding in my math courses from last quarter to this quarter I am getting further behind in them. I have begun to question whether or not Math is the “right fit” for me. At this time I am still in my math class and finishing up my Geckers (gen eds) and am not behind but am not maing any progress at the same time. There is not much to say on that other than to bring it to your attention and also to ask for prayers of guidance for me over the next quarter, to have God help show me what is the right area for me to be entering into. (By the way Wendy Kathy says hello! and sends her love) Now I promised some race information for you all! And that is where my third class comes into play! I am taking Bloomsday Preconditioning which is three days a week (MWF) at 7 in the morning! Now obviously I am a bit crazy for doing this, but you all I assume have come to expect this much from me! I will be running the Bloomsday race on May 2nd this year. Also of important note this is the year for my marathon. It was bound to come sometime! I have talked rather quietly about running a marathon for years now and will be running the Skagit Flats Marathon on September 12, 2010. I am very excited! And will keep you all a little more up to date on this race as we draw closer to it this summer and finally September! Those who are interested in know which books I am reading I got a good selection of Jodi Picoult Books from my Grandma for Christmas as long with picking up Once a Runner and The Perfect Mile from the bookstores whilst home. The book in my hands at the moment is Jodi Picoults Ninteen Minutes! I will let you know how they turn out! Well, this is easily the most lengthy email that I have sent in a great number of them. If there is anything I left out I am sure you will let me know and I can answer those questions for you! I love and miss you all already! Take care! Brandon


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