Running and Reading

In Uncategorized on November 15, 2009 at 6:30 pm

Hello All!
Well another week down! Only a few more to go in this quarter! It is going by so fast! Anyways I will dive into the week!
Some of you that I have talked to on the phone in the past couple weeks know that I have once again come down with what I like to call the “whooping” cough. Now before you all start worrying I really don’t have whooping cough I have just come down with this same cough since 7th grade, so that makes 7 years now that I have gotten it. I have been to the doctors a couple of times for it, but not one of them could tell me what was wrong even though I get it so often, it is quite miserable but always comes to pass! If you’re wondering why I call it the “whooping” cough my best friend Ryan Gordon saw it on TV soon after I first got the cough way back when and told me that that’s what I had. So we went with it year after year.
I have been thoroughly enjoying the “job” that the cross country coaches gave me a week ago while cheering on Rachael at State. I have been asked to create a Marysville-Pilchuck HS Cross Country page on Facebook. This past week I went through the thousand plus pictures that Marysville has online for the past 5 Cross seasons. I put on average 130 pictures or so up for each season. It has been so much fun! Plus, I have set up multiple runs that are in the Marysville Area for fun runs. If you know of any please let me know so I can get them up!
So in the coming weeks I will be running a couple of fun runs both Jingle Bell Runs on different sides of the mountains. I will spend this Saturday running in Spokane for the Jingle Bell Run. It will be my first time running it here so it should be an experience. This coming December I will spend my first Sunday morning back in Marysville in Seattle and run the 5k for the Arthritis Foundation there with many other people! It will be fun! If you would like to run in either let me know and I will get information to you!
Now onto school! It is going well had a math test on Friday in Calc that was a bit iffy but I think I did alright. As far as Foundations and those wondering how thats going and whether or not I dropped it or not… Well I had to drop it. I felt terrible about the test Tuesday, so I will be retaking the course next quarter. My other classes continue to go well, I have a speech to give in my class on Wednesday then also again a week from then! I will let you know how those go!
As far as everything else I continue to work and read! I am now reading The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult about 100 pages in.
Well I will be off! Talk to you all later!


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