Arthritis, Calculus, and Coming Home

In Uncategorized on October 25, 2009 at 4:48 pm

Hello all! I feel like these weeks just keep coming and coming and that they all blur together… and right now there isn’t a whole lot to talk about. So this week for classes I gave a speech on my favorite book character Harry Potter. I had a test in special education, and a quiz in my calculus class. Each of these of course were taken in turn. The Harry Potter Speech went okay. I am told I did well, but I honestly do not think I did extremely well, my technology didn’t work. I went over 6 minutes, and I just didn’t feel as though it went well. I have my midterm in the class tomorrow and will get my overall grade on it then. My Special Ed test I got an 80% on so that wasn’t too bad. Then my calc test I got an 80 on as well. For those who are dying to know how foundations is going, well it is alright, test in there on Tuesday. Work is work. I feel as though it is so hard to compare it with last year, when I had so much more to tell you about what I did and how that was going. This year I feel as though telling you about making copies and making charts and stuff, wouldn’t be very fun! This week was Homecoming week. I went to half of a football game yesterday, and that was about it for all of the Homecoming festivities, there is a lot that goes on, but I just don’t know where any of it is, it is not very well advertised I think. I did get a few more books this week, finished Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult. I will be starting The Tale of Despereaux today. Let’s see. I spent Friday night down with some of the AOII girls (Kylie, a friend from back home is one of them) helping to raise money for arthritis. I also signed up for the Jingle Bell Run Spokane, so will be participating in both Spokane and Seattle this year! I will be home next weekend to cheer on the Tomahawks at the District meet and hopefully watch some of them mae it into the state meet! Which I would be going to the next weekend! I will be off for now! I miss and love you all!! Brandon


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