Study Abroad and Tests Galore!

In Uncategorized on October 11, 2009 at 4:13 am

SUNP0001Hello All! Well this week was good to say the least! I had three tests and one quiz along with a big group speech on Thursday! It was a busy week on the stress side of things, but here I sit typing away at you (which means I must have survived!) So Foundations test on Tuesday. Still haven’t seen how I did (should know Monday) but I feel fairly confident that I did alright, I know I did better than I expected, and also know I messed one problem up but should get some credit for it! Foundations still continues to go down roads unexplored by myself in mathematics. It makes sense a little bit when the teach goes on about putting anything into a function and getting it as an output, because well I had a couple of teachers in high school who did that (Hodgins and Rohde) so I continue to understand that much and strive for more! I will let you all know next week how the test turned out! Calculus saw its first test! It went fairly well I am pretty confident in my answers and my understanding of the knowledge. The tests are a bit more in depth than I am used to from the math classes which is totally fine I am always up for the challenge! But it takes two or three concepts of the class and wraps them all into one, which is quite fun to know I can get through that much! Special Education had its first test came down with a 22 out of 25 missing a couple of “all of the above” questions. Those honestly upset me because when you have three or four of them on a test I always feel like answering them all “all of the above” is a bit ridiculous and certainly not right… so I don’t and lose a point or two… oh well… Speech was good. I was asked by my dear aunt Donna how the whole group speech works and how it would be interacted with the group as a whole. Well when the class speech is brought up you obviously think I am going to be giving speeches myself (I surely will be giving two of my own this quarter) and couldn’t possibly be working with a group, yet its possible. It is like having a group of people present some information to you. For example the speech that we gave this past week was about a chapter from the book. Our topic was Nonverbal communication. So we broke the chapter up into pieces made our own parts of a powerpoint strung them all together and BAM! You have a group presentation that last a whole class period! We have one more group project and that is a presentation about a “problem” we see around campus. We have targeted the book buybacks as our topic and I will keep you all informed about my inquiries into the subject as we progress! Some of you have heard that I am interested in studying abroad. I have set up an appointment with the study abroad office for Monday right after work. So I shall be meeting them then to discuss options that I might have. I am looking more towards London and Spain at the moment for my options, but am open to other places as well. Although my biased standpoint towards London is quite strong we shall see how that works out! Other news on the Nobach Front is the Marysville Cross Country team has been running really well in their past couple races on hard weeks! Which is always so much fun to hear! They have two more meets until they ease into the postseason at districts (South Whidbey) and the State (Pasco). I hope you all know I am cheering you on as always! I stopped by the clinic this afternoon with Cj we both got our flu shots from our student insurance packages we get them for free so that was nice my arm kinda hurts but its all for a good cause really. Hmm… I cannot think of much else that I need to let you all know… If I am forgetting something please let me know! In my blog this week I will be including a picture of my wall area above my bed… so if youre interested please visit it! at the following url I love and miss you all! Brandon


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