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Arthritis, Calculus, and Coming Home

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Hello all! I feel like these weeks just keep coming and coming and that they all blur together… and right now there isn’t a whole lot to talk about. So this week for classes I gave a speech on my favorite book character Harry Potter. I had a test in special education, and a quiz in my calculus class. Each of these of course were taken in turn. The Harry Potter Speech went okay. I am told I did well, but I honestly do not think I did extremely well, my technology didn’t work. I went over 6 minutes, and I just didn’t feel as though it went well. I have my midterm in the class tomorrow and will get my overall grade on it then. My Special Ed test I got an 80% on so that wasn’t too bad. Then my calc test I got an 80 on as well. For those who are dying to know how foundations is going, well it is alright, test in there on Tuesday. Work is work. I feel as though it is so hard to compare it with last year, when I had so much more to tell you about what I did and how that was going. This year I feel as though telling you about making copies and making charts and stuff, wouldn’t be very fun! This week was Homecoming week. I went to half of a football game yesterday, and that was about it for all of the Homecoming festivities, there is a lot that goes on, but I just don’t know where any of it is, it is not very well advertised I think. I did get a few more books this week, finished Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult. I will be starting The Tale of Despereaux today. Let’s see. I spent Friday night down with some of the AOII girls (Kylie, a friend from back home is one of them) helping to raise money for arthritis. I also signed up for the Jingle Bell Run Spokane, so will be participating in both Spokane and Seattle this year! I will be home next weekend to cheer on the Tomahawks at the District meet and hopefully watch some of them mae it into the state meet! Which I would be going to the next weekend! I will be off for now! I miss and love you all!! Brandon


Brotherly Visits

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Hey all! I find myself emailing you on Monday yet again this quarter! I am terribly sorry for not getting to you throughout the weekend… It seems that something tends to happen each weekend that takes my attention away from my email account and somewhere else! This weekend it just happens that my brothers (Brian and Blair) came over on Saturday to stay the night as Blair had a soccer game on Sunday afternoon. The stay was quite enjoyable just went into Spokane walked around the mall for a bit, and then came back to Cheney for some food. Put in a movie I fell asleep to, and so on and so forth. It was not a very long stay but it was good. They left last night after Blair’s game. So on with the school part of things! This week went fairly well… We got our group speech grades back and we came down on the side of a 92% so quite well. We now move into our infomative speeches (I actually give mine tomorrow) where we are telling the class about something. My informative speech is on Harry Potter. I have honestly been struggling to sting the speech together, because I have to take the key points of the speech and cut out so much from my favorite wizards life it seems almost an injustice to the great work of J.K. Rowling. I will let you know how that goes this coming weekend (or week). Math classes continue to go well, with Foundations making sense every now and then, and Calc going along at a good pace! Special Education sees our second test tomorrow! Work goes well, there is not much that can go on there it is a lot of busy work copying, reading stuff, editing, typing etc. I get a lot of time to study or read my books so its good! I am sorry this is short this week I feel as though there is not much to mention! I will be back in about two weeks for the districts meet! For all those runner’s from Marysville Running in Leagues this weekend the best of luck to you all! Brandon

Study Abroad and Tests Galore!

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SUNP0001Hello All! Well this week was good to say the least! I had three tests and one quiz along with a big group speech on Thursday! It was a busy week on the stress side of things, but here I sit typing away at you (which means I must have survived!) So Foundations test on Tuesday. Still haven’t seen how I did (should know Monday) but I feel fairly confident that I did alright, I know I did better than I expected, and also know I messed one problem up but should get some credit for it! Foundations still continues to go down roads unexplored by myself in mathematics. It makes sense a little bit when the teach goes on about putting anything into a function and getting it as an output, because well I had a couple of teachers in high school who did that (Hodgins and Rohde) so I continue to understand that much and strive for more! I will let you all know next week how the test turned out! Calculus saw its first test! It went fairly well I am pretty confident in my answers and my understanding of the knowledge. The tests are a bit more in depth than I am used to from the math classes which is totally fine I am always up for the challenge! But it takes two or three concepts of the class and wraps them all into one, which is quite fun to know I can get through that much! Special Education had its first test came down with a 22 out of 25 missing a couple of “all of the above” questions. Those honestly upset me because when you have three or four of them on a test I always feel like answering them all “all of the above” is a bit ridiculous and certainly not right… so I don’t and lose a point or two… oh well… Speech was good. I was asked by my dear aunt Donna how the whole group speech works and how it would be interacted with the group as a whole. Well when the class speech is brought up you obviously think I am going to be giving speeches myself (I surely will be giving two of my own this quarter) and couldn’t possibly be working with a group, yet its possible. It is like having a group of people present some information to you. For example the speech that we gave this past week was about a chapter from the book. Our topic was Nonverbal communication. So we broke the chapter up into pieces made our own parts of a powerpoint strung them all together and BAM! You have a group presentation that last a whole class period! We have one more group project and that is a presentation about a “problem” we see around campus. We have targeted the book buybacks as our topic and I will keep you all informed about my inquiries into the subject as we progress! Some of you have heard that I am interested in studying abroad. I have set up an appointment with the study abroad office for Monday right after work. So I shall be meeting them then to discuss options that I might have. I am looking more towards London and Spain at the moment for my options, but am open to other places as well. Although my biased standpoint towards London is quite strong we shall see how that works out! Other news on the Nobach Front is the Marysville Cross Country team has been running really well in their past couple races on hard weeks! Which is always so much fun to hear! They have two more meets until they ease into the postseason at districts (South Whidbey) and the State (Pasco). I hope you all know I am cheering you on as always! I stopped by the clinic this afternoon with Cj we both got our flu shots from our student insurance packages we get them for free so that was nice my arm kinda hurts but its all for a good cause really. Hmm… I cannot think of much else that I need to let you all know… If I am forgetting something please let me know! In my blog this week I will be including a picture of my wall area above my bed… so if youre interested please visit it! at the following url I love and miss you all! Brandon

Tomahawk Twilight Special!

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Hello All!
Well it is Monday and I am just getting to you all, for well I like to think a very good reason. I was home this past weekend for the Tomahawk Twilight Invitational and had an outstanding time!
I would first off like to say well done to the team for running so well this past Saturday under the lights I cannot wait to see you guys again come districts time! And again I thank the coaches for allowing me to spend all of my time on Friday and Saturday with you! It was a blast! Those of you who do not know much about it, it is a one of a kind meet held at the Cedarcrest Golf Course at night. This year we had 35 teams 1,100 or so athletes, 25 light towers, glow sticks with stars on the top to match the directional flagging set by cross country standards, 20 porta potties, and bright orange glow in the dark shirts! It is a huge meet as you can tell and always a joy to return back home for!
Anyways I am back at school and I am sure you all would like to know how things went last week, am I correct? Here we go! First off Foundations is going fairly well, we shall find out tomorrow for sure as my first test is being held at the 8 o clock hour. Calc saw one mini quiz last week and I believe my first test is this coming week! Not to scared for this one I think I have calc wrapped up so far (first mini quiz was a 10/10 for those who wish to know!). Speech continues to go well, we have a group presentation this Thursday in class on nonverbal communication, I think that will go pretty smoothly. Finally, my last class of Intro to Special Education continues to go well. We have our first quiz tomorrow (it sure is the week for quizzes) and I think that one will also go well. Of course all of these “go well”‘s may not be so well come the time of my next letter to you all, but we shall see!
Work again is doing good. I continue to work across the hall for Darcy and it is just splendid! I hate that there is not too much to report on work this year, if I were to tell you all the laborious things I do throughout the workday I would surely bore you all to sleep!
So, I guess my question for you is this, is there anything you’re dying to know about my week that seems to nag at you all week, that leaves you hoping I will mention it in my emails but I never do? Please tell me if there is! I feel as though this years emails are severely lacking in comparison to last years letters of great length!
If you are wondering when my next trip over the mountains to the west is, I will be coming home on the 30th of October and leave the 1st of November!
I will be off for now! Hope to hear from you all soon!