Second Week and I am already behind

In Uncategorized on September 28, 2009 at 8:21 pm

Hello all! Behind not in the sense that I am behind in classwork, far from it! I am behind in emailing you all (which I warn you, I will most likely be late next week as well). Yet, here I am! This past week was a bit of a blur, starting classes, went to Montana this weekend to visit a good friend on her birthday, and stating the first Monday of the quarter! The classes that you all hear about this quarter are actually quite wonderful, filling in a third quarter of calculus with two more to go, following in my math education I am taking Foundations of Mathematics (foundations from here on out was MATH 225 previously), an introduction to special education class (most likely special ed), and finally speech. Those four classes make up my 18 credit load this quarter and I am so excited to share them with you! Foundations is probably going to be the most rigorous class as far as staying on top of it and doing well, because we need to face the sad truth that it is a logistical math class that has by no means any basis in the numbers and equations that all mathematics majors love! Calc continues to go well however! My professor is a fellow runner and gave us a great running analogy on the first day of class, that I of course hope to use later in my life! Special Education is a twice a week course on Tuesdays and Thursdays (I have only had one class meeting thus far), and will be I think rather enjoyable, more to come in the next ten weeks. Finally Speech is just going be a blast. I have a teacher who quite honestly loves the subject that scares most people. I look forward to telling you all about that as we progress through Christmas! Work continues to go well, I have been slightly reshuffled to a professor across the hall who would like some help, so I will be helping her as we get along this year. The change actually leaves me with a lot of extra sitting time, so I will be getting copious amounts of homework done at work, which will be wonderful. For those who wish to know I will be coming home Thursday (Lindsay is driving me so I will not have my car), but I will be home all day Friday helping out Coach Edens and Coach Kesler out at the golf course for the big cross country meet on Saturday (where I will be all day) after attending first service I will be back on the road heading towards Cheney once again to continue my education! I hope this finds you all doing well!!! Brandon


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