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Hello Everyone!
Can you believe it is that time again? It is time for me to head back to school. Many of you I know have fallen into your regular fall routines, whether that be work, school, or any form of sports with which you are involved I hope that you are all doing well!
I arrived in Cheney on Friday afternoon, making the trip all by myself for the first time. For those of you who do not know I bought myself a really reliable car (named Evalynn) it is a 93 Ford Taurus and has made her first trip over to Cheney safe and sound!
Let us get our formalities out of the way so I can tell you all a bit of what I have been up to lately! So school starts this Wednesday for all of us at Eastern (and Western) so if you could keep us in your prayers as we prepare and get started this week that would be wonderful! I am taking Calculus and another math class (I can never remember the name of it, so there you have it), along with a Speech and Intro to Special Ed Class. I think  it will be a wonderful quarter!
I am now living in a new dorm. So my address from last year is no longer the same so GET RID OF IT!! My new address is as follows:

905 Elm Street Room 345
Cheney, WA 99004

Save that address if you would like to send me anything, or get rid of it if you don’t doesn’t matter!

I am also rooming again with Cj Morgan. We both love the new room it is so much bigger and wonderful! AMAZING!! I will try and get pictures up (not that I got any up last year) at some point!

The Cheney Hangout will not be in my agenda this year, but it will be reopening (as I have heard from a couple of the kids that attended last year). My new job will be working in a Children’s Library with my Global View through Children’s Lit teacher last year. So I am very excited to get that going.

If I am leaving anything out please let me know and I will get back to you if you have any dying questions that need answered!

So this summer was eventful! I was back in Marysville and doing what I do best- Having Fun! I was able to be Preschool games leader for my churches VBS and had so much fun with the kids that week! I worked for a couple weeks at the Safeway in Arlington as a Sales Specialist. I got to experience what is the Cascade Mountain loop as I was a sag wagon for five wonderful men as they all rode their bikes on the 300+ mile journey! Hanging out with all of my friends from back home was absolutely wonderful as well! I of course got in many miles with the cross country at their summer training practices at Jennings Park, and also made the what is now annual Everett Mall run on my 20th Birthday (yes I am 20 now for those who still wish to believe I am 5 and never growing anymore). I took a trip up to Canada with the Vadset’s and bought the 7th Harry Potter book in paperback from the Safeway up there! I also got the seventh Harry Potter book in paperback from the US as well! I got another tattoo in lat July early August it is a Kanji Symbol meaning friendship on my right arm. And finally (amoung many other things) I got to dabble in Coaching as I helped out the Marysville-Pilchuck High School Cross Country Team their first few weeks. Helping them I learned so much and met so many new people that I would not have met otherwise. I had such a blast with the Cross Country at their meets, and cannot wait to see them all improve greatly over the next month and a half as they grow and get faster!

For those wanting to know when I will be home this quarter I will obviously be home for the two bigger breaks of Thanksgiving and Christmas, but will also be making trips in for the third annual Tomahawk Twilight Meet and the Cross Country Teams District meet taking place ont he 3rd and 31st of October respectively.

For those who have just been added to this list this year and who would like to go back to last years letters home can read all of them on my blog

I hope all of you are doing well!



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