Hey all Sorry I am terribly late!

In Uncategorized on June 8, 2009 at 7:06 pm

Hey all! I am terribly terribly late this week as it is Monday coming up on noon. I am so sorry, I lost all track of time and knowing what was going on. This past week went well. I finished up 4 of my 6 classes, Bloomsday Racquetball, Swing Dance, and Children’s Lit. All should be fairly well on the grade scale. Probably 4.0s. Calculus and English finish up this week, English finishes with a poetry critique, so as soon as I sit down and write that I will be finished with that class. Calculus finishes with its final tomorrow we have a 3 hour block that we can use to finish it up, I do not feel too bad about it, I got a 98% on my final test in the class and am ready for the final tomorrow. That one is bright at early 8-11, not that I will not be up at that time anyways. Work is winding down, I will have more on work to share with you all next week, I am going to write an end of the year email, and could possibly email you all over the summer if you guys want to, it would probably not be every week, but just to let you know how I am doing. I will be coming home with Cj and Lacy this weekend Friday to be more exact. And will be back in Marysville for the summer taking a couple of courses at Everett Community College, Calculus 2 and Englsh 102 (or 201 at Eastern). I can update you all on that. I am going to be getting a car of some sort, and working most likely at the Arlington Safeway as a Sales Specialist, the same job I had a few years back now just at a different store. Relay for life is next weekend and I cannot wait, also the Berry run is at 8 that morning and I am contemplating going out there and doing that. I cannot wait to be home to see all of you and just be home for the summer!! Short and Sweet I love you all and I will see you this summer! Brandon


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