Late again, is it a curse?

In Uncategorized on May 25, 2009 at 10:27 pm

Hey All! Monday again! I know these past two weeks I have been late in getting you my updates for the week, but I will let you know the reason is again very important and well, the same as last week! I went home again! My co-worker Krista offered me the chance to go home since she was planning on going to Seattle, so I quickly jumped at the chance and grabbed it up! I surprised many of you Saturday when I came to the Mission Trip Garage Sale and hung out there for a little while, then I also went to a wonderful Marysville Soccer game which they won and are now in the semi-finals for state. Then I went to church Sunday and was with the Senior Highers just hanging out for the day, then headed off to a car wash fr the Majestic Monkeys Relay for Life team. Then traversed the state yet again back to school where I have since been, watching some tv shows, a couple movies, and writing a paper or two. I have actually started to reread a book that I have once read, shocking i know since I never reread stuff but I have started on the Demonata Series and will eventually make the journey back into my favorite fictional world of Harry Potter, but those books will have to wait until summer comes cause I do not have any of them anymore here at least… Classes continue to go well, I have won and lost in racquetball recently. I have also continued running with a friend from Bloomsday conditioning, swing dance goes well as we start to learn variations of what we already know. English has delved entirely into poetry, which can be a good thing for me, but it is also bad as our teacher loves the same reading responses for everything although it is now different than the short stories, writing about 10 poems answering the same questions gets tedious and boring… especially since we go over them all in class… oh well, almost done with it! Calculus found us getting our big homework assignment back which I got a high 60 something out of 75 i believe i did quite well. We had another test in there this past week, I think I did really well, although I do not get it back until tomorrow! Finally Global view through children’s lit is still going well, as we come into our final book Three Cups of Tea which is an amazing read and I strongly recommend it to anyone, hey you can borrow either of my copies (one children’s version, and one adults version) if you would like to read them, of course i cannot get them to you until the summer. So school winds down, it comes to a close, and the summer will start soon enough. Bringing about summer, I have now applied to two places to work the YMCA for a summer camp job, and also at the Nike Outlet, if anyone knows of any jobs, let me know! I am also now registered for Calc 2 at Everett, and also English 102 (or 201). I have two housesitting jobs already and would love to watch your houses if you need them watched! I have many references for those if you want any let me know, I have watched many houses over the past couple of years. School winds down, I grow tired as the days drag on, but I push forward, knowing that I will soon be home with many of you! These past couple of weekends home have been wonderful and will of course be welcome when I get one large weekend to spend at home in Marysville! I hope you are all doing great and I wish you guys the best of the rest of the year!! Brandon


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