Missing in Action (MIA)

In Uncategorized on May 19, 2009 at 8:37 pm

Hey All! I know that I was MIA this past weekend when you opened up your mailboxes to find no email from Brandon on either Saturday or Sunday, and I know you were all completely devastated to not have heard all about my last week of school, and am sure you are all still crying over the fact that I was missing, but nevertheless, I am here now and you should all put bright smiles on your faces! The reason for my being absent was well I believe a very good one. I took a much needed trip home, and away from Cheney. A weekend of surprises and friends and family is a good thing. Onwards (or backwards I suppose). I will not give anything away from this week so far, and will update you on that later this week. Last week was uneventful by all means for classes, it was the same old same old as we were given new assignments and new things to get done. We turned in the things we had finished and continued to pass our way through class. In racquetball we passed our way into a tournament which I did well in the first games I played winning them, the newest games were yesterday, so you will have to wait for this weekend to read the new adventures of Brandon. Swing Dance continues to go well and if any of you know how to Swing Dance you will concur that it is quite a fun dance. We have moved to slightly learn the whip as we just got our steps worked slightly with partners and were hustled off. We had some homework due today (Tuesday) that we had to write out the steps for West Coast Swing, which we have to do anyways, which is good! Math continues to go well we have a test on Wednesday so it should be good! Children’s Lit saw the fourth book response due last Tuesday which was good to be done but found us jumping into the hardest book to read A Long Way Gone, which is a great book! Literature is closing on Immigrant and foreign writers and slowly making a transition to Poetry soon, or so I have heard from the teacher, we still haven’t. Anyways as work chugs along in the same room we continue to add kids to the tiny room, we are so looking to be in a different place next year. Someplace bigger that is more permanent for our kids and our program for at least the year. Well I know short I must be off to work for a meeting! I hope you are all not too disappointed in me for being gone this past weekend! Love and miss you all Brandon


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