Excitement and Pinatas

In Uncategorized on May 2, 2009 at 4:53 pm

Excitement lays right around the corner as I write to you all this wonderful sunny Saturday morning from Cheney, Washington! This week seemed to fly by as we barrel down on the end of the school year. We wrapped up the first half of the third quarter with little to be done in the way of midterms. The only one that I have is the paper that I am writing for English 170 (Intro to Lit) about a short story and the way the author uses the elements of writing (irony, setting, etc.). It will be fun to write I think. Anyways the rest of my classes continue to go well. We had our papers for Sold due on Tuesday, and it brought up issues that have time and again been brought to my attention, so I feel the need to bring them again to yours. Sold is about a child, a young girl, who lives in Nepal and is sold by her stepfather, who after taking another look at the book, seems to know what he is selling his daughter into. She is being sold into child prostitution and it is a terrible thing. It happens in just about every nation in the world, and there is often so little that can be done especially in a place like India (where Lakshima is taken) where the cops are often paid to look the other way and the girls who are in this situation often never get out. The book ends on a happy note as she is allowed to leave, and the brothel is probably shut down, but it is painful to think that this goes on even in our own country. I have finished The Other Side of Truth, and am struggling for a topic on which to write my response for it. It was a good book about two children, a boy and girl, whose mother dies in the opening scenes of the book by people who were actually looking to kill their father for things that he has written in Nigeria that are against the military officials. They then go on to be smuggled into London to live with their Uncle who has gone missing. They find themselves alone in London with noone to turn to, their story unravels in different ways as they fight to stay together. The story was good and I just do not have anything that is jumping out for me to grab hold and write a little bit on, I will figure it out I am sure. Calculus found us continuing into derivatives and hte trig functions moving into the chain rule. We have a test Monday and it will be great! Racquetball and Swing dance continue to go well as I hit and dance my way through them respectively. The only class that hasn’t been mentioned is the we all knew I could not fail, and that is Bloomsday Conditioning. This is because of the excitement I referred to earlier in this message. Tomorrow marks my first Bloomsday and also the longest race I have ever competed in! I am terribly excited to go tomorrow and cannot wait to tell you all about it! I am heading down today to pick up my race stuff and possibly a singlet to wear tomorrow! As far as everything else goes things continue to go well with the dorms, friends, and family. Classes are obviously going well. Work continues to go well as we made some pinatas yesterday and I just finished up the most I have ever worked for the Hangout these past two weeks. We will finish up our pinatas on Monday and have a fun Cinco de Mayo party on Tuesday! I hope you all are well and things are wonderful in your lives! love and miss you all! Brandon


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