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As it seems, I continue to be late…

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Hey Everyone! I am again late! I am terribly sorry about this! I do have a reason, yet it is not the same as it has been the past couple of weeks. Yesterday I woke up at 5:30 with Cj and we showered ate some breakfast and headed out to Mead High School, champion of the high school runners in Washington, and took the WEST-B test. It went rather well, I will let you know how I did when I get my scores in a couple weeks. It was really ironic though, Cj and I were placed in teh same room, actually right next to each other, and it just happened to be in the Running Club’s Classroom. So, most likely it was the Cross Country Coach and Track (distance coaches) classroom as well. We were surrounded by Mead High runners pictures and Steve Prefontaine pictures, it was pure amazement. The day went on and we played a little racquetball, which yesterday was a total off day I got smashed four times, then I worked on my final project for Children’s Lit, it is coming together nicely I will take a picture of it and attatch it to my blog next week. My other classes continue to go well, Calc is coming to an end our last test on Wednesday and then the final a week from Tuesday. English is also winding down well, everything is winding down, we get our final on Monday and its due any time during Finals week. Racquetball and Swing Dance will wrap up this week with finals on Wednesday and Thursday respectively. The Children’s Lit Final is due on Thursday and I am terribly excited for it. We are at the moment in Children’s lit finishing up a group project on a grafitti wall, ours i must say is quite wonderful. It is getting terribly hot here, and the importance of water is growing. I am still running, and running at midday when the heat is more overbearing than I have ever had to run in. It is warm and I am drinking water after water. I cannot wait to be back with you all in a couple weeks! I so look forward to seeing all of you soon! Love and miss you all! Brandon


Late again, is it a curse?

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Hey All! Monday again! I know these past two weeks I have been late in getting you my updates for the week, but I will let you know the reason is again very important and well, the same as last week! I went home again! My co-worker Krista offered me the chance to go home since she was planning on going to Seattle, so I quickly jumped at the chance and grabbed it up! I surprised many of you Saturday when I came to the Mission Trip Garage Sale and hung out there for a little while, then I also went to a wonderful Marysville Soccer game which they won and are now in the semi-finals for state. Then I went to church Sunday and was with the Senior Highers just hanging out for the day, then headed off to a car wash fr the Majestic Monkeys Relay for Life team. Then traversed the state yet again back to school where I have since been, watching some tv shows, a couple movies, and writing a paper or two. I have actually started to reread a book that I have once read, shocking i know since I never reread stuff but I have started on the Demonata Series and will eventually make the journey back into my favorite fictional world of Harry Potter, but those books will have to wait until summer comes cause I do not have any of them anymore here at least… Classes continue to go well, I have won and lost in racquetball recently. I have also continued running with a friend from Bloomsday conditioning, swing dance goes well as we start to learn variations of what we already know. English has delved entirely into poetry, which can be a good thing for me, but it is also bad as our teacher loves the same reading responses for everything although it is now different than the short stories, writing about 10 poems answering the same questions gets tedious and boring… especially since we go over them all in class… oh well, almost done with it! Calculus found us getting our big homework assignment back which I got a high 60 something out of 75 i believe i did quite well. We had another test in there this past week, I think I did really well, although I do not get it back until tomorrow! Finally Global view through children’s lit is still going well, as we come into our final book Three Cups of Tea which is an amazing read and I strongly recommend it to anyone, hey you can borrow either of my copies (one children’s version, and one adults version) if you would like to read them, of course i cannot get them to you until the summer. So school winds down, it comes to a close, and the summer will start soon enough. Bringing about summer, I have now applied to two places to work the YMCA for a summer camp job, and also at the Nike Outlet, if anyone knows of any jobs, let me know! I am also now registered for Calc 2 at Everett, and also English 102 (or 201). I have two housesitting jobs already and would love to watch your houses if you need them watched! I have many references for those if you want any let me know, I have watched many houses over the past couple of years. School winds down, I grow tired as the days drag on, but I push forward, knowing that I will soon be home with many of you! These past couple of weekends home have been wonderful and will of course be welcome when I get one large weekend to spend at home in Marysville! I hope you are all doing great and I wish you guys the best of the rest of the year!! Brandon

Mothers day!

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Hey All! I know, I know! I am a day late! I got really into the book I was reading yesterday morning and couldn’t put it down, and now I am halfway through another who would have thought? Anyways let us tell a story shall we? This past week has been the hardest week of my college career to date. I had so much to do and so little time to do it all! I felt swamped with everything going on, yet I have lived to tell the tale! I had something like a paper or project due everyday this week. Monday saw some summaries for Intro to Lit due, Self Reliance and Thoreau’s Wilderness Essay due which we made comparisons to the film Into the Wild which is a great book I have heard so I think I will pick it up at some point. Tuesday was the day of Extra Book’s in our Children’s Lit class, so I Wish You Could Be My Friend, became my extra book. Wednesday I had a midterm due (a paper on any of the short stories we had read for Intro to Lit). Thursday we had another response due for The Other Side of Truth, in Children’s Lit, and Friday brought an in depth math project on the paraboidal mirrors that are used in telescopes, so my training from Physics in high school helped with that a bit. All in all it was a good week, very tiresome You are probably wondering how my PE classes are going, they are going well. Racquetball is still going well we learned cut throat this past week, swing dance is moving from the East Coast Swing into the West Coast Swing, and Bloomsday has finished up! Speaking of Bloomsday I have not yet had the chance to tell all of you how I did! I loved the course the atmosphere and just racing again, although it was the longest race I have ever run! I was so sore afterwards and my goal of 60 minutes came falling to the ground as I ran an official time of 54:43! I look forward to running again next year being one group ahead of what I was this year and allowing myself to reach for 49 minutes breaking the 50 minute mark. I was able to hang out with Michael Thompson this weekend as he finished up school in Pullman for the year. Weaver and I went and got some pizza with him and talked for a few hours before he went back to WSU for graduation the next day! Work continues to go well! We continue to add more and more kids into a room that is getting crowded, but we like to see that we are not losing kids that is the plus of our job! We must be doing something right as we gain kids each and everyday who come back the next. As far as a summer job goes I am applying to the YMCA in Marysville, and possibly a few other places looking for a job. I will let you all know what happens then! Well I must be off I wish all you Mother’s a very happy mothers day! Mom I love you and am sad I cannot be there today with you! Brandon

Missing in Action (MIA)

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Hey All! I know that I was MIA this past weekend when you opened up your mailboxes to find no email from Brandon on either Saturday or Sunday, and I know you were all completely devastated to not have heard all about my last week of school, and am sure you are all still crying over the fact that I was missing, but nevertheless, I am here now and you should all put bright smiles on your faces! The reason for my being absent was well I believe a very good one. I took a much needed trip home, and away from Cheney. A weekend of surprises and friends and family is a good thing. Onwards (or backwards I suppose). I will not give anything away from this week so far, and will update you on that later this week. Last week was uneventful by all means for classes, it was the same old same old as we were given new assignments and new things to get done. We turned in the things we had finished and continued to pass our way through class. In racquetball we passed our way into a tournament which I did well in the first games I played winning them, the newest games were yesterday, so you will have to wait for this weekend to read the new adventures of Brandon. Swing Dance continues to go well and if any of you know how to Swing Dance you will concur that it is quite a fun dance. We have moved to slightly learn the whip as we just got our steps worked slightly with partners and were hustled off. We had some homework due today (Tuesday) that we had to write out the steps for West Coast Swing, which we have to do anyways, which is good! Math continues to go well we have a test on Wednesday so it should be good! Children’s Lit saw the fourth book response due last Tuesday which was good to be done but found us jumping into the hardest book to read A Long Way Gone, which is a great book! Literature is closing on Immigrant and foreign writers and slowly making a transition to Poetry soon, or so I have heard from the teacher, we still haven’t. Anyways as work chugs along in the same room we continue to add kids to the tiny room, we are so looking to be in a different place next year. Someplace bigger that is more permanent for our kids and our program for at least the year. Well I know short I must be off to work for a meeting! I hope you are all not too disappointed in me for being gone this past weekend! Love and miss you all Brandon

Excitement and Pinatas

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Excitement lays right around the corner as I write to you all this wonderful sunny Saturday morning from Cheney, Washington! This week seemed to fly by as we barrel down on the end of the school year. We wrapped up the first half of the third quarter with little to be done in the way of midterms. The only one that I have is the paper that I am writing for English 170 (Intro to Lit) about a short story and the way the author uses the elements of writing (irony, setting, etc.). It will be fun to write I think. Anyways the rest of my classes continue to go well. We had our papers for Sold due on Tuesday, and it brought up issues that have time and again been brought to my attention, so I feel the need to bring them again to yours. Sold is about a child, a young girl, who lives in Nepal and is sold by her stepfather, who after taking another look at the book, seems to know what he is selling his daughter into. She is being sold into child prostitution and it is a terrible thing. It happens in just about every nation in the world, and there is often so little that can be done especially in a place like India (where Lakshima is taken) where the cops are often paid to look the other way and the girls who are in this situation often never get out. The book ends on a happy note as she is allowed to leave, and the brothel is probably shut down, but it is painful to think that this goes on even in our own country. I have finished The Other Side of Truth, and am struggling for a topic on which to write my response for it. It was a good book about two children, a boy and girl, whose mother dies in the opening scenes of the book by people who were actually looking to kill their father for things that he has written in Nigeria that are against the military officials. They then go on to be smuggled into London to live with their Uncle who has gone missing. They find themselves alone in London with noone to turn to, their story unravels in different ways as they fight to stay together. The story was good and I just do not have anything that is jumping out for me to grab hold and write a little bit on, I will figure it out I am sure. Calculus found us continuing into derivatives and hte trig functions moving into the chain rule. We have a test Monday and it will be great! Racquetball and Swing dance continue to go well as I hit and dance my way through them respectively. The only class that hasn’t been mentioned is the we all knew I could not fail, and that is Bloomsday Conditioning. This is because of the excitement I referred to earlier in this message. Tomorrow marks my first Bloomsday and also the longest race I have ever competed in! I am terribly excited to go tomorrow and cannot wait to tell you all about it! I am heading down today to pick up my race stuff and possibly a singlet to wear tomorrow! As far as everything else goes things continue to go well with the dorms, friends, and family. Classes are obviously going well. Work continues to go well as we made some pinatas yesterday and I just finished up the most I have ever worked for the Hangout these past two weeks. We will finish up our pinatas on Monday and have a fun Cinco de Mayo party on Tuesday! I hope you all are well and things are wonderful in your lives! love and miss you all! Brandon