Country Music and Job Searching

In Uncategorized on April 25, 2009 at 4:28 pm

With country music playing in the background I write to you all to write about my week(only a couple weeks until Taylor Swift)! Nothing terribly new is going on, I continue to devour books for my Children’s Literature class I am reading The Other Side of Truth now, and will move on to The Breadwinner and Parvana’s Journey soon. Math continues to delve into derivatives as we move into the laws of them and also into the derivatives of the trig functions. Intro the Lit brings me a satire which I will be writing today and tomorrow, where is Jonathan Swift when you need him? My three PE classes are wonderful only a week until Bloomsday (well a week from tomorrow I am so excited!) Racquetball continues to go well as we moved into doubles this past week and Cj and I trounced our first opponents and then on Wednesday I paired up with two different people and won both games. Swing dance is wonderful as we have learned the three different cradles that are in East Coast Swing. There is a dance tonight but with no way of getting there I cannot go. I did meet with the Math Department and Education Departments this past week and declared a Major in math and have more or less set up my entire schedule for the next few years and think I will be able to be done by Spring quarter of my “senior year” with both a math major and physics minor. Today is the Tomahawk Classic I wish all that are competing and coaching the best of luck let me know how you all do! I wish I could be there for you guys! Work continues to go well we have started to get a few more kids, we will be shutting down over the summer for sure. They will be looking for a new building that suits our needs much more than the building we are in now. I also have been asked by my head boss to return next year, so I will be working for the Cheney Hangout again next fall. As far as work this summer goes, anyone with ideas send them my way. I will be doing an hour or so of school in the morning and an online course at Everett, I have thought about working for the YMCA like Becky did last year or Big 5 even Little Caesar’s Pizza. My options are open though. Cj and I have decided to move into a new dorm next year. We live in Pearce at the moment and will be moving into Louise Anderson (LA) next year for more space and more options to move our room around (I know we did a lot of different things with our room this year), but we went and looked at a room much like ours will be next year and we really liked it. We are going to bring at least one recliner (the one that you gave me last year Brandon) and I will probably bring a bookshelf for the room to make it more of a room like mine at home, because well I like books. Aunt Linda I have a couple of your books still I will bring them back this summer, I do not think I will get a chance to read them. I have not heard back from the book scholarship people this quarter yet, the deadline was only yesterday so I will let you know when I hear back from them. This week weather wise was gorgeous until it started to snow on Thursday and turned colder, nothing stuck to the ground but the chill continues to hold onto Cheney and bundling is advised. I am off to Spokane soon to watch Weaver run I hope you all have incredible weeks! Love and miss you all! Brandon


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