Books, Books, and More Books

In Uncategorized on April 18, 2009 at 4:07 pm

Hey Everyone! A wonderful sunshiny Saturday morning here in Cheney, Washington! We have a few friends here this weekend, Cj’s sister Tina and his best friend Brady came to hang out! They just went off to cattails I stayed behind because I am going to one of my coworkers birthday parties here this afternoon and do not want to hinder them in their adventures! This past week flew by, I have no idea where it went! I am doing rather well and am ready to tell you about my classes and everything else! As far as classes go they are still going well we finished up our talks of continuous functions in Calculus and had a test that I did pretty well on, and moved on towards the next big subject of derivatives that I remember a lot of from taking Mr. Whitman’s class at Marysville. We have only spent a couple days on the subject so we are just getting into it! Racquetball continues to go well as we play against new people everyday. Intro to literature, is alright it is not my favorite class this quarter. I think it would be more enjoyable if the prompts that we had to write on for every class would change every week, but alas they do not. Bloomsday conditioning continues to be one of the highlights of my week as I pound osme pavement. We had a tempo run this past week of 20 minutes with 10 minutes warm up and cool down. Yesterday we took a break from the running and played Ultimate Frisbee and had a very good game that my team ended up on top 9-8 it was very windy and very hard to get ahead, but with us keeping the game rolling on a fairly short field we were able to get the scores fairly high. Swing dance is also another favorite of mine even though by the time I read it I feel like dropping into bed and taking a long nap before work I still go out to the phase to learn new dance moves that are quite fun! Children’s lit continues to be one of my favorite classes of the quarter I have finished Crossing the Wire a book about a young boy who must leave his family after the prices of corn start to drop in Mexico and he must cross the border into America with rising hardships as the border patrol stomps down. I thought it was an alright book, I did think that the young man in the story could have had his coming of age moments sooner in the book and not looked and depended fully on others completely through the book up until the closing pages. It just bugged me I suppose. Work continues to go well we have started to have a couple of more kids on a regular basis and the hope is to continue this! There are talks of shutting the program down over the summer to help boost the support and knowledge of it in the community and hopefully reopen in a much more ideal place next fall rather than in one of the buildings on campus as they really were a last resort for us and are doing the job they were inteded to at the moment. This does mean, however, for those of you that are paying attention, that I will be keeping my job next year! Which is so exciting for me, because I definitely wouldn’t want to have to find another job especially when the one I have is so perfect! Other adventures are harder and harder to come by as school and work keep me very busy at the moment. I am excited that this next week there is a book fair on campus that will be so much fun to go to! I loved book fairs as a kid and hey I am a sucker for books in general. Which reminds me! Book scholarship for this quarter! I took my application down yesterday! This quarter I applied for a Message/NIV/Study Bible all paralleled together into one and am so excited to see if I can get the scholarship again! The second book that I chose was Inspire a Nation. It is a book of Barack Obama’s speeches from the campaign trail all the way through Inaguration day. I am excited for this one as well! Well I believe that is all for now I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! I miss and love you all! Brandon


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