He Is Risen!

In Uncategorized on April 11, 2009 at 7:09 pm

Hey All! Another week has come and past! And what a week it was! I as you know had my wisdom teeth removed last weekend and had a full speedy recovery, I was playing basketball the next morning! I went back to the dentist on Tuesday and they said I looked great and ready for the world again! I finally was able to enjoy the solid foods of sandwiches, chicken, french fries, pasta, all the foods that sounded so good to me when I was having all of my problems with my teeth and couldn’t eat! Dad took me out to a delicious meal where I had chicken, rice, veggies, and a little sushi. This week has been good as far as classes go, I had my first paper due for my Children’s Lit class and was told it was well written. We also had a museum display to show off our own culture. With limited resources I combined running shoes, a Harry Potter book, my Safeway time card, and a picture that Sir Isaac Leighton colored for me, and combined my religion, love for working with children, Harry Potter, running, and my families monopoly on Safeway. My other classes continue to go well as I run for Bloomsday, dance for Swing, wipe the floor in racquetball, read and respond for Intro to lit, and discover more about limits in Calculus. Work is going well, we had a day earlier this week when we had no kids, but all continues to go well as we picked up one more kid this week with the hopes of a few more next week. We actually have a lot of the Cheney Hangout stuff in our room as we found it out of storage and needed a place to store it that was accessible for us. So we now have numerous board games, puzzles, and kids movies to watch when we get bored on the weekends. I feel as though these are getting shorter, is there anything you guys would loike to know, tehre really is not a lot going on in my life at the moment that I can think to tell you. I am reading Rebolution Is Not A Dinner Party for children’s lit at the moment, it is about the cultural revolution that took place in China as Mao took over the reigns and led the way for the communist party to take over. It is told from the perspective a young girl as she witnesses her family and friends being torn apart by the “New China.” Other than that there are many things to be thankful for this weekend the rise of our Lord tomorrow, as he forgives our sins! He is Risen! I love and miss you all! Brandon


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