Missing Teeth and New Classes

In Uncategorized on April 3, 2009 at 7:39 pm

Hey All! It had been a couple of weeks since I have last typed a message out to you! I am terribly sorry for that! I have been meaning to write you all and tell you that I made it back from Spring Break and have started some wonderful classes, but I have not had internet for the majority of this week! I now sit with a full internet connection and am happily writing to you now! So let us wrap up last quarter shall we? Well we shall start class by class. I had Math first off in the day and that went rather well I finished the quarter with a 3.5 which was around an 85% I believe. The math department grades on a rather tight curve (especially my class this quarter!). Second in Geology a class I wasn’t the best in I first ended up with a 3.4 which was pretty good I thought, I came to find out though that one of my labs had been misentered into the computer as a 0.1 instead of the 9.1 that I got and in the end it bumped my grade up to a 3.7! I was excited! Chicano Studies the class that I constantly complained about never being in class, never really doing anything, not really learning much in I ended with a sold 4.0 and was not really surprised by the grade. Now my final class my intro to education class! I ended with 4.0 in that class as well! I am quite excited to report a final cummulative grade of 3.875! Overall the quarter went well! This quarter has started well, my classes as you have been told are Calculus 1, Racquetball, English 170 (intro to literature) Bloomsday conditioning, Education 323/English 323 (Global View through Children’s Lit), and Swing dance. I have been to all of these classes now they are all on different days mixed through my schedule I go from 8-1 everyday with a break at 11:30 with an hour brak at 9 on Fridays. I am enjoying all of the especially my children’s lit class. It is team taught although I have not met one of the teachers the english proffessor is an amazing lady and actually teachers a summer course on Harry Potter, a dream come true right? I will take it when I am here for a summer! I will continue to let you know how classes are going however as the quarter progresses! Now as many of you know I have had some problems with my wisdom teeth over the past couple of weeks. I am now free of them and they are somewhere I am not sure if they gave them to me of not… I didn’t really want them… Anyways I am swollen and tooth free at the moment I would be happy to let you all know later this weekend how I am doing after I begin the healing process. They did not put me under just gave me a lot of numbing stuff and went to town with them. I honored my sweating history well and was dripping in sweat throughout the process! Anyways I will be off! I miss you and love you all! Brandon


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