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Country Music and Job Searching

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With country music playing in the background I write to you all to write about my week(only a couple weeks until Taylor Swift)! Nothing terribly new is going on, I continue to devour books for my Children’s Literature class I am reading The Other Side of Truth now, and will move on to The Breadwinner and Parvana’s Journey soon. Math continues to delve into derivatives as we move into the laws of them and also into the derivatives of the trig functions. Intro the Lit brings me a satire which I will be writing today and tomorrow, where is Jonathan Swift when you need him? My three PE classes are wonderful only a week until Bloomsday (well a week from tomorrow I am so excited!) Racquetball continues to go well as we moved into doubles this past week and Cj and I trounced our first opponents and then on Wednesday I paired up with two different people and won both games. Swing dance is wonderful as we have learned the three different cradles that are in East Coast Swing. There is a dance tonight but with no way of getting there I cannot go. I did meet with the Math Department and Education Departments this past week and declared a Major in math and have more or less set up my entire schedule for the next few years and think I will be able to be done by Spring quarter of my “senior year” with both a math major and physics minor. Today is the Tomahawk Classic I wish all that are competing and coaching the best of luck let me know how you all do! I wish I could be there for you guys! Work continues to go well we have started to get a few more kids, we will be shutting down over the summer for sure. They will be looking for a new building that suits our needs much more than the building we are in now. I also have been asked by my head boss to return next year, so I will be working for the Cheney Hangout again next fall. As far as work this summer goes, anyone with ideas send them my way. I will be doing an hour or so of school in the morning and an online course at Everett, I have thought about working for the YMCA like Becky did last year or Big 5 even Little Caesar’s Pizza. My options are open though. Cj and I have decided to move into a new dorm next year. We live in Pearce at the moment and will be moving into Louise Anderson (LA) next year for more space and more options to move our room around (I know we did a lot of different things with our room this year), but we went and looked at a room much like ours will be next year and we really liked it. We are going to bring at least one recliner (the one that you gave me last year Brandon) and I will probably bring a bookshelf for the room to make it more of a room like mine at home, because well I like books. Aunt Linda I have a couple of your books still I will bring them back this summer, I do not think I will get a chance to read them. I have not heard back from the book scholarship people this quarter yet, the deadline was only yesterday so I will let you know when I hear back from them. This week weather wise was gorgeous until it started to snow on Thursday and turned colder, nothing stuck to the ground but the chill continues to hold onto Cheney and bundling is advised. I am off to Spokane soon to watch Weaver run I hope you all have incredible weeks! Love and miss you all! Brandon


Books, Books, and More Books

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Hey Everyone! A wonderful sunshiny Saturday morning here in Cheney, Washington! We have a few friends here this weekend, Cj’s sister Tina and his best friend Brady came to hang out! They just went off to cattails I stayed behind because I am going to one of my coworkers birthday parties here this afternoon and do not want to hinder them in their adventures! This past week flew by, I have no idea where it went! I am doing rather well and am ready to tell you about my classes and everything else! As far as classes go they are still going well we finished up our talks of continuous functions in Calculus and had a test that I did pretty well on, and moved on towards the next big subject of derivatives that I remember a lot of from taking Mr. Whitman’s class at Marysville. We have only spent a couple days on the subject so we are just getting into it! Racquetball continues to go well as we play against new people everyday. Intro to literature, is alright it is not my favorite class this quarter. I think it would be more enjoyable if the prompts that we had to write on for every class would change every week, but alas they do not. Bloomsday conditioning continues to be one of the highlights of my week as I pound osme pavement. We had a tempo run this past week of 20 minutes with 10 minutes warm up and cool down. Yesterday we took a break from the running and played Ultimate Frisbee and had a very good game that my team ended up on top 9-8 it was very windy and very hard to get ahead, but with us keeping the game rolling on a fairly short field we were able to get the scores fairly high. Swing dance is also another favorite of mine even though by the time I read it I feel like dropping into bed and taking a long nap before work I still go out to the phase to learn new dance moves that are quite fun! Children’s lit continues to be one of my favorite classes of the quarter I have finished Crossing the Wire a book about a young boy who must leave his family after the prices of corn start to drop in Mexico and he must cross the border into America with rising hardships as the border patrol stomps down. I thought it was an alright book, I did think that the young man in the story could have had his coming of age moments sooner in the book and not looked and depended fully on others completely through the book up until the closing pages. It just bugged me I suppose. Work continues to go well we have started to have a couple of more kids on a regular basis and the hope is to continue this! There are talks of shutting the program down over the summer to help boost the support and knowledge of it in the community and hopefully reopen in a much more ideal place next fall rather than in one of the buildings on campus as they really were a last resort for us and are doing the job they were inteded to at the moment. This does mean, however, for those of you that are paying attention, that I will be keeping my job next year! Which is so exciting for me, because I definitely wouldn’t want to have to find another job especially when the one I have is so perfect! Other adventures are harder and harder to come by as school and work keep me very busy at the moment. I am excited that this next week there is a book fair on campus that will be so much fun to go to! I loved book fairs as a kid and hey I am a sucker for books in general. Which reminds me! Book scholarship for this quarter! I took my application down yesterday! This quarter I applied for a Message/NIV/Study Bible all paralleled together into one and am so excited to see if I can get the scholarship again! The second book that I chose was Inspire a Nation. It is a book of Barack Obama’s speeches from the campaign trail all the way through Inaguration day. I am excited for this one as well! Well I believe that is all for now I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! I miss and love you all! Brandon

He Is Risen!

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Hey All! Another week has come and past! And what a week it was! I as you know had my wisdom teeth removed last weekend and had a full speedy recovery, I was playing basketball the next morning! I went back to the dentist on Tuesday and they said I looked great and ready for the world again! I finally was able to enjoy the solid foods of sandwiches, chicken, french fries, pasta, all the foods that sounded so good to me when I was having all of my problems with my teeth and couldn’t eat! Dad took me out to a delicious meal where I had chicken, rice, veggies, and a little sushi. This week has been good as far as classes go, I had my first paper due for my Children’s Lit class and was told it was well written. We also had a museum display to show off our own culture. With limited resources I combined running shoes, a Harry Potter book, my Safeway time card, and a picture that Sir Isaac Leighton colored for me, and combined my religion, love for working with children, Harry Potter, running, and my families monopoly on Safeway. My other classes continue to go well as I run for Bloomsday, dance for Swing, wipe the floor in racquetball, read and respond for Intro to lit, and discover more about limits in Calculus. Work is going well, we had a day earlier this week when we had no kids, but all continues to go well as we picked up one more kid this week with the hopes of a few more next week. We actually have a lot of the Cheney Hangout stuff in our room as we found it out of storage and needed a place to store it that was accessible for us. So we now have numerous board games, puzzles, and kids movies to watch when we get bored on the weekends. I feel as though these are getting shorter, is there anything you guys would loike to know, tehre really is not a lot going on in my life at the moment that I can think to tell you. I am reading Rebolution Is Not A Dinner Party for children’s lit at the moment, it is about the cultural revolution that took place in China as Mao took over the reigns and led the way for the communist party to take over. It is told from the perspective a young girl as she witnesses her family and friends being torn apart by the “New China.” Other than that there are many things to be thankful for this weekend the rise of our Lord tomorrow, as he forgives our sins! He is Risen! I love and miss you all! Brandon

Missing Teeth and New Classes

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Hey All! It had been a couple of weeks since I have last typed a message out to you! I am terribly sorry for that! I have been meaning to write you all and tell you that I made it back from Spring Break and have started some wonderful classes, but I have not had internet for the majority of this week! I now sit with a full internet connection and am happily writing to you now! So let us wrap up last quarter shall we? Well we shall start class by class. I had Math first off in the day and that went rather well I finished the quarter with a 3.5 which was around an 85% I believe. The math department grades on a rather tight curve (especially my class this quarter!). Second in Geology a class I wasn’t the best in I first ended up with a 3.4 which was pretty good I thought, I came to find out though that one of my labs had been misentered into the computer as a 0.1 instead of the 9.1 that I got and in the end it bumped my grade up to a 3.7! I was excited! Chicano Studies the class that I constantly complained about never being in class, never really doing anything, not really learning much in I ended with a sold 4.0 and was not really surprised by the grade. Now my final class my intro to education class! I ended with 4.0 in that class as well! I am quite excited to report a final cummulative grade of 3.875! Overall the quarter went well! This quarter has started well, my classes as you have been told are Calculus 1, Racquetball, English 170 (intro to literature) Bloomsday conditioning, Education 323/English 323 (Global View through Children’s Lit), and Swing dance. I have been to all of these classes now they are all on different days mixed through my schedule I go from 8-1 everyday with a break at 11:30 with an hour brak at 9 on Fridays. I am enjoying all of the especially my children’s lit class. It is team taught although I have not met one of the teachers the english proffessor is an amazing lady and actually teachers a summer course on Harry Potter, a dream come true right? I will take it when I am here for a summer! I will continue to let you know how classes are going however as the quarter progresses! Now as many of you know I have had some problems with my wisdom teeth over the past couple of weeks. I am now free of them and they are somewhere I am not sure if they gave them to me of not… I didn’t really want them… Anyways I am swollen and tooth free at the moment I would be happy to let you all know later this weekend how I am doing after I begin the healing process. They did not put me under just gave me a lot of numbing stuff and went to town with them. I honored my sweating history well and was dripping in sweat throughout the process! Anyways I will be off! I miss you and love you all! Brandon